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Top 5 Activities To Do This Weekend in San Diego

a group of palm trees next to a body of water

San Diego is one of the best cities to visit in the United States. Even in the winter months, the weather is still pretty pleasant. You’ll find indoor and outdoor activities in practically every corner of the city to please everyone on the list. From historic museums to activities on the beach, San Diego has universal appeal. Whether you’re flying in for a long weekend or live in the area looking for something special this weekend, here are our top activities in San Diego when you don’t have specific plans with family or friends.

1. Sailing Tour

Whale watching is a popular activity in San Diego. Regardless of the season, you’ll see whales and other marine wildlife while on the ocean. The best part is getting another vantage point of the cityscape on your sailing tour. Looking back at downtown when you’re on the water is truly a breathtaking view. Take a break from your electronic devices and relax on the ocean. Next Level Sailing takes a sustainable approach to a sailing tour, with a vessel powered by wind or clean diesel fuels and sustainable energy for onboard necessities. Our crew takes care of everything. Bring your jacket and wear good shoes that won’t slip on the deck.

2. Visit San Diego Zoo

The San Diego Zoo is among the best San Diego activities for residents and tourists. With over 12,000 animals in this 100-acre park, you’ll have a new experience each time you visit. If animals aren’t your thing, enjoy the collection of 700,000+ plants. Most of the Zoo is outside, as it has an open-air concept that keeps wildlife in its habitat. Visit the Zoo with a new attitude by exploring one specific region or reading the exhibit information about each animal. Watch for ways to be sustainable by learning about the Zoo’s commitment to the environment.

a tall building in a city

3. Visit Petco Park

Baseball in person is entirely different from the baseball you watch on television. If you’ve never attended a professional baseball game, plan a weekend when you can catch a game at Petco Park. If there’s no game, tour the park for a behind-the-scenes experience. It’s a neat way to explore the stadium and see what the players and employees see. You don’t have to be a Padres fan to appreciate the perks and aspects of the stadium.

4. Visit the Beaches

The beaches are one of San Diego’s biggest draws. Check out the calendar for special activities on San Diego beaches, or go with a plan to enjoy the beach without swimming. Look for artwork or go shopping in the small boutiques for a great day along the water while doing something different. Pack a picnic and some outdoor games to enjoy the fresh air. If you’ve never explored the tidal pools, this weekend might be a great time to go. Remember to pack up all your trash. Take lots of pictures, but leave only footprints.

a crowded beach

5. Belmont Park

This historic amusement park is almost 100 years old. Enjoy the fun rides and play all day on the beach or in shops and restaurants. Rent a bicycle or a surfboard for a unique experience on the beach. The rental shop can advise you where to ride and how to use the equipment, so you’ll jump right in to have fun. Check out the live music and local DJs at the Beach House.

Book your sailing tour with Next Level Sailing because it’s one of the best San Diego activities any day of the week.