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Next Level Sailing Has Gone GREEN!

The ocean is home to about one million species and it is humanity’s duty to keep them safe. With ocean interaction on a day-to-day basis, a stable and healthy environment is crucial to the world of whale watching. With that, it has become a top priority at Next Level Sailing to contribute to a more sustainable whale watching industry. 

a picture of a roomEco-Friendly Sailing


The Yacht America, our 139-foot sailboat, is used daily for whale watching and private charters around the San Diego bay. To maintain an environmentally friendly operation, the vessel is being powered via wind and clean diesel power. With trips lasting up to four hours, as little as 10 gallons of fuel is being burned. In order to upkeep sustainable energy, on-board necessities such as LED lighting, running water, toilet operations, and microwave use are solely battery powered.


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Recycling Makes the World Go Round


Littering on both land and sea is extremely detrimental to our Earth. Plastic is a non-biodegradable element and makes up a large amount of the ocean’s debris. This ongoing issue has disastrous repercussions, with habitats being affected worldwide. It is crucial that we take care of our environments and recycling is not something to be overlooked. Here at Next Level Sailing, it is of utmost importance. We have implemented a strict recycling program, with recycling receptacles found throughout our yacht. 

Stay tuned for in the near future, we plan to install a water infiltration system to reduce waste, while diminishing the use of solo cups and plastic wine glasses. Ultimately, Next Level Sailing will be completely plastic free.


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Our Achievements


We are proud to announce our inclusion within the
Port of San Diego Green Business Network’s
awards. Being presented with the 2019 Sustainable Achievement Award for Overall Small Company is extremely gratifying and empowers us to continue with our Green efforts. 

Click here to read more about this accomplishment and the other outstanding eco-friendly efforts being made by the San Diego community.


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Educate Yourself


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