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Daily Los Angeles Whale Watching Trips All Year Round.

Citizens of the Los Angeles area are granted access to year round whale watching cruises offered daily in San Diego by Next Level Sailing. San Diego is a short drive away from downtown LA making it easy to create a day trip out of the activity. Formerly, whale watching was only successful during the period of the gray whale migration that takes place in the winter and spring months. In the past 15 years, whales have become prevalent in the Pacific waters year-round. Since 2005, giant blue whales, fin whales, and even more recently humpback whales have migrated into vast San Diego shorelines in large groups from May to November. This reinvented the city from a seasonal whale watching destination to one of the most ideal whale watching locations worldwide.

Seven different types of whales and five different types of dolphins are included in year-round sightings right off the Californian coast. While gray whales migrate through San Diego, other animals come to San Diego to feed. There is a diverse and robust source of food present due to the rich underwater geography in the area. With canyons, kelp forests, the continental shelf, and the Islas Coronados, it’s no wonder that San Diego waters are rich with krill and small fish. The waters off the San Diego coastline are often calm, making optimal conditions for spotting and discovering whales and other marine life in the lake-like waters. San Diego’s year-round mild climate also sets the scene for an enjoyable whale watching adventure, making it among the rare locations perfect for whale watching in the world.

From early summer to fall months whale watchers commonly spot blue whales, humpback whales, finback whales, minke whales along with countless other species of marine life. There is plenty to see during the summer, if you are visiting Los Angeles for a family vacation and you relish being out on open waters. During Autumn, local humpbacks and minkes continue to feed off the San Diego shore with blue whales and finback whales also still in the area. In December through April, Los Angeles whale watching fanatics can make a quick trip down to San Diego and witness the longest annual migration of any whale on Earth, the gray whale. This species makes a 12 thousand mile journey down the coast of California. Upmost of 20,000 individual gray whales travel through Pacific waters during winter and spring. Whale watching visitors also have the opportunity to see finback whales, humpback whales and minke whales with an array of dolphin species during the same time of year. Other marine life present in Next Level Sailing adventures include, sea lions, harbor seals, elephant seals, mola mola, sharks.

So many creatures can be spotted because San Diego citizens actively work to protect marine life through Marine Protected Areas. Locally, the Marine Protected Area spans over 15 miles, facilitating a supreme habitat for marine life that bears a thriving marine ecosystem. Healthy whales and dolphins live in the protected marine reserve positively developing within the rich ecosystem. Animals are so prevalent that Next Level Sailing whale watching cruises of 4 hours are action packed and filled with stunning views of these amazing mammals.