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Daily Redondo Beach Whale Watching Trips All Year Round.

Redondo Beach is a family-friendly beach community with warm weather activities ranging from water sports to relaxing on the shore. Just a few hours from Redondo Beach is San Diego, which is also home to some of the top whale watching trips, driving enthusiasts from the Redondo Beach area to this special destination.

With its prime coastal setting along whale migration routes, the beachfront city is an ideal environment to enjoy a few days at Redondo Beach, whale watching from shore. It is possible to catch sights of whales while only standing along the shoreline, but this viewing point is limited due to its great distance from the marine life. Visitors seeking a top notch whale watching experience may want to have opportunities to examine whales and dolphins up close in their natural habitat. Luckily in close proximity, Next Level Sailing in San Diego provide year round whale watching excursions available daily.

The most frequently viewed types of whales in the Pacific Ocean include orcas (killer whales), humpback whales, gray whales, minke whales, fin whales, sperm whales, and even the rarest of the species, the blue whale. There is such a diverse set of whales to spot due to the area being along migratory routes and having some of the safest waters for offspring.

Specifically, December to April are great months for Redondo Beach residents to travel to San Diego for successful whale watching trips with a plethora of gray whales making their way south from Alaska. Most of the majestic mammals are heading to the warm waters in Baja, Mexico as they swim along this annual pathway. During their migration, they pass right by the entirety of the Redondo Beach area so viewing from shore is likely. During the summer months, from August to October, blue whales, finback whales and minke whales are likely to be spotted. The ideal months for whale watching from shore are December through April as the blue whales and other summer whales are often discovered further south and too far out to sea to catch a glimpse.

If you decide to get a closer look, whale watching ships are required to stay a designated distance from the animals to not interfere with their activity. Whale watching boats will commonly stay in one area, a minimum of 100 feet away from sea life, allowing the whales to travel without intrusion, granting passengers extending viewing possibilities. A company that is respectful towards wildlife while performing whale watching outings would be the ultimate choice for Redondo whale watchers visiting the city of San Diego.  

Obviously, one of the most significant parts of a satisfying whale watching experience for visitors is the boat provider that will take you out to sea. It is important to have a full walking space around both upper and lower decks, and plenty of seating. The best trips often last four hours, meaning the whale watching company is confident in triumphant viewings for such little time. It is major to note that you might see more than just whales on your whale watching trip with Next Level Sailing. Enthusiasts might also spot bottlenose dolphins and sea lions in the ocean close to shore. Take advantage of this world class whale watching location by heading out on the San Diego ocean, making sure to book a quality provider like Next Level Sailing that will give you and your family amazing memories.