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Daily La Jolla Whale Watching Trips All Year Round.

Located in sunny San Diego, La Jolla is a buzzing seaside location praised for its photogenic coastline, winding hiking trails along sea cliffs, and breathtaking ocean views. Stretched out along the Southern California coast, La Jolla is a prime spot for venturing out to sea for spectacular whale watching adventures.

There are a plethora of boat tours that take guests out on the Pacific waters for an up close glimpse of the whales along the La Jolla coastline. Based about 20 miles south in San Diego Bay, Next Level Sailing exists to provide guests the experience of a lifetime through their highly rates whale watching tours. A trusted crew of professional sailors ranking high in the industry allow for successful viewings aboard a Next Level Sailing cruise. Members of the crew qualify in first aid and other Coast Guard-required credentials to keep passengers safe throughout the excursion. At Next Level Sailing, aboard the Yacht America, a 139-foot replica of the world’s famous racing yacht there is room for up to 76 passengers with enough space for a relaxing and deluxe experience throughout the duration of peak whale watching periods. In the past 12 years, Next Level Sailing has hosted over 200,000 pleased passengers.

La Jolla attracts thousands of prospective tourists every year looking to catch excellent views during whales’ annual migration trip. Every winter, more than 20,000 Pacific gray whales travel 12,000 miles round-trip from Alaska to Baja California traveling alongside La Jolla cliffs and beyond the coastline. Blue whales complete their migration during the spring and summer seasons and onlookers are able to see hundreds travel by emerging from the ocean’s surface ever so often. With San Diego’s 78 miles of coastline directly in the migration path, La Jolla is a primary location to spectate whales closely.

Whether you’re arranging a private trip or are looking to experience whale watching with a group of friends, Next Level Sailing will provide an unforgettable experience to whoever is aboard. La Jolla whale watching is renowned around the world, existing as a popular San Diego destination for the best whale views.