Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long are the whale watching trips aboard the famous Yacht America?
  • The entire outing usually takes about four hours. We typically leave at 11 a.m. and return at 3 p.m.

  • When is the best time of the year to see whales in San Diego?
  • Whales are off our coast 365 days a year, but the most consistent time is during the gray whale migration (December – April).

  • Is sailing on The America likely to make me seasick? I'd really hate to have to honk on such a nice boat.
  • The boat is big and stable, so the ride is generally very smooth. But, if you’re susceptible to motion sickness, be sure to take the necessary precautions. Be sure to ask about our “No Seasickness Guarantee.”

  • I noticed that a couple can arrange to have a wedding on the Yacht America. Do you guys also offer divorces at sea?
  • Not at this time. But if we get enough requests, we might consider looking into it.

  • Are we allowed to feed the whales when we're out whale watching?
  • Only if you’re planning to bring a few thousand pounds of krill or amphipods.

  • What is your policy on smoking aboard your boats? I have cigars that are big enough to last the entire excursion.
  • Our fire extinguisher is mightier than any cigar, and our crew members are not afraid to use it to enforce our no smoking policy.

  • Is there a restroom on the boat, or do I just grab a lifeline and hang out over the water?
  • The restroom facility on board is very basic. We recommend that all passengers use the dockside restrooms prior to boarding.

  • Are life jackets provided on the boat? Will I have my choice of colors and styles?
  • The Coast Guard requires us to keep life jackets on board. If you have an opportunity to wear one, you’ll probably be in water up to your neck and nobody will notice if it matches your shoes.

  • Are snacks and beverages available on the boat, or are there drive-thru fast food restaurants out in the middle of the bay?
  • If the wind is up, all food and snacks aboard the boat can be re-classified as “fast food.” We provide complimentary bottled water, soft drinks, and light snacks.

  • What sights and points of interest canI expect to see on the boat ride?
  • Point Loma lighthouse. Downtown skyline. The Star of India. Sea lions on the marker buoys. Coronado Bridge. Other beautiful boats. Stuff like that.

  • Whatever became of the skipper who was in charge of the Exxon Valdez? he doesn't work for you, does he?
  • Last we heard, he was working for one of the airlines.

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