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Catering & Private Dining

Aboard The America at Next Level Sailing, you will be surrounded by a luxurious atmosphere for a top notch dining experience.

The America is a replica of the 139-foot yacht that won the historic Royal Yacht Squadron’s 100 Guinea Cup race in 1851. Our silver service VIP dining options allows you to enjoy your San Diego sunset cruise with up to 16 other guests inside our majestic salon. On the ship you will experience first class meals on any occasion that have been prepared by skilled caterers and chefs. Guests are encouraged to join us in the evening for an unforgettable view of the sunset across the bay while relaxing in the intimate yet spacious setting The America encompasses. Our crew will meet all your expectations with delicious dinners and cocktails served throughout your trip. The yacht is equipped with a fine commercial galley that will satisfy your expectations and leave you to crave more of the delectable food and drinks served. The America defines one of the best San Diego cocktail cruises to celebrate a memorable night with friends or family, while relishing the incredible views the San Diego Bay has to offer in the evening. From the moment you are aboard you are immediately transformed into an elegant  world of high-class sailing and dining. Whether you are privately dining or plan to enjoy the ocean views with a classic cocktail, The America will leave you feeling refreshed and overjoyed from such a wonderful experience at sea.

There is no better option for dining on a boat than what The America has to offer. Our specialized crew and services will be at your beckon call to ensure you have the most supreme dining experience. Existing as one of the best cocktail cruises, The America effortlessly glides through the San Diego Bay towards the warm and colorful sunset. The dwindling sun will light up the sky making the backdrop of your special dinner seem as a vibrant painting. No other ambiance is quite as memorable as what Next Level Sailing provides aboard our welcoming yacht.

Truly an experience of a lifetime, we exceed San Diego boat dining expectations as well as restaurants along the shore. No matter how magnificent the view from land may be, nothing beats having an opulent dining experience completely surrounded by the majestic sea. Whether for a special occasion or to treat you and your close friends, having dinner on our cruise ship is both pleasant and inviting. Dining at sea is easy to make happen with Next Level Sailing as the booking process is efficient and accommodating to your needs. For more information on a magical night aboard The America, call us today or request a proposal.


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Sailing With Us

Learn more about The Yacht America and sail with us today.

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You are bound to have a memorable birthday celebration aboard our Yacht America.


Celebrate this joyous event with scenic views and good company.


Get together with friends and family aboard our private yacht for irreplaceable memories.