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San Diego Whale Watching in July

A once-in-a-lifetime San Diego whale watching experience in July!

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San Diego is a premier destination for whale watching, offering visitors a unique opportunity to witness the majestic beauty of marine life in their natural habitat. July, in particular, is an excellent time to embark on a whale watching adventure. Here’s everything you need to know about San Diego whale watching in July, from the types of whales and dolphins you can expect to see to what you should pack for your trip.

Is July A Good Time To Visit San Diego?

Yes, July is a fantastic time to visit San Diego. Summer brings warm weather and clear skies, perfect for outdoor activities. Additionally, July falls within the whale watching season, offering a high likelihood of sightings.

San Diego’s waterfront and vibrant downtown provide plenty of attractions to explore before or after your whale watching tour. Whether you’re a local or a visitor, the city’s charm and natural beauty make it an ideal destination for a summer getaway.

Whales You Can Expect to See in Southern California in July

In July, the waters off the coast of San Diego are full of various species of whales, making it an ideal time for San Diego whale watching. Here are some of the whales you can expect to see:

Blue Whales

July is the peak season for blue whale sightings in Southern California. As the largest animals on the planet, blue whales migrate to the nutrient-rich waters off San Diego to feed, providing a spectacular sight.

blue whale tail in ocean

Fin Whales

Fin whales, known for their speed and sleek bodies, are also commonly seen during summer. These whales are the second-largest species and are often spotted feeding near the surface.

Minke Whales

Smaller than the blue and fin whales, minke whales are another species you might encounter. They are known for their curious nature and are often seen near boats.

Other Marine Life You Can See in SD

San Diego whale and dolphin watching tours offer more than just whale sightings. The rich marine ecosystem supports a variety of other fascinating creatures.


Several species of dolphins, including common, bottlenose, and Pacific white-sided dolphins, can be seen frolicking in the waves. Their playful antics are a highlight of any whale-watching trip.

Sea Lions and Seals

The coastline is home to numerous sea lions and seals. These marine mammals are often seen basking on rocks or swimming gracefully.

July Weather in San Diego & What to Pack

San Diego’s weather in July is typically warm and sunny, with average daytime temperatures ranging from the mid-70s- to 80s Fahrenheit. The evenings can be cooler, dipping into the 60s, so it’s wise to pack layers.

What to Pack:

  • Lightweight clothing: Comfortable and breathable fabrics for the warm daytime temperatures.
  • Layered clothing: A light jacket or sweater for the cooler evenings and early mornings.
  • Sun protection: Sunscreen, sunglasses, and a hat to shield yourself from the intense summer sun.
  • Comfortable shoes: Ideal for walking around the boat and exploring San Diego.
  • Camera: To capture the breathtaking moments of whale sightings and other marine life.

Take a Whale Watching Trip With Next Level Sailing

For an unforgettable whale watching experience, book a tour on the Yacht America with Next Level Sailing. Our expert guides and comfortable vessels ensure a safe and enjoyable trip for all ages. With a deep respect for marine life and a commitment to sustainable practices, we provide a unique opportunity to witness these magnificent creatures up close.

San Diego is a prime location for whale and dolphin watching in July. The warm weather, diverse marine life, and exceptional services provided by Next Level Sailing make it an ideal destination for nature enthusiasts and adventure seekers alike. Plan your trip today and immerse yourself in the wonders of the ocean.

Directions and Parking
Check-in is located at 2050 Shelter Island Drive, San Diego CA 92106. If you noticed that there is no building at this address, you are correct! Drive west on Shelter Island Drive. As soon as you pass Silver Gate Yacht Club, turn LEFT into the parking lot. Look for the bright blue flag on the corner that says “Whale Watching” then you know you’re in the right place. Please park anywhere in this fabulous FREE all-day parking lot. Find the “Check-In” flag on the grass to get your boarding pass. If you are using public transportation, Lyft, or Uber, please check-in at this location as well.

Once everyone has their boarding passes, a crew member will escort you to the Yacht America. You will be walking on a wooden dock, so please make sure to wear comfortable close-toed shoes. High-heels and stilettos will get stuck between the wooden planks.

Quench You Thirst

Spending the day sailing can really bring on an appetite! Stop by Blue Wave Bar & Grill at the Best Western PLUS Island Palms Hotel & Marina to grab a quick bite on your way out. Boasting a versatile menu filled with fresh ingredients and tantalizing California coastal cuisine, you can’t go wrong dining on Blue Wave’s gorgeous outdoor patio overlooking the marina!

Cancellation Policy
Customers will receive a full refund for cancellations made outside of 48 hours prior to the trip. For groups of 8 or more, cancellations must be made more than 7 days in advance. Customers will have the option to reschedule or receive a full refund in case of operator cancellation due to weather or other unforeseen circumstances. Forecasted rain does not always mean we will be cancelling due to weather. Contact us by phone to cancel or inquire about a cancellation outside of 48 hours to the start of the trip. No-shows will be charged the full price.

If you have any questions the morning of the trip, please feel free to call 619-922-6215.

Looking forward to welcoming you aboard!