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Daily Encinitas Whale Watching Trips All Year Round.

Next Level Sailing, located just 30 miles south of Encinitas, is widely the most trusted whale watching and sailing enterprise in San Diego county. Our trusted crew of experienced and talented sailors set us apart from competitors, all of whom have been with the company for four to eight years.

Each of our crew members, regardless of their role, contribute to the enrichment of our customers’ experiences onboard. As well, each member is qualified in first aid and other Coast Guard-required credentials. Before 2005, whale watching in Encinitas was not a perennial activity, but now, we are fortunate enough to offer whale watching nearly year-round. With various species’ population rates on the rise, we now see blue whales off the California coast between the months of May and October, before returning to warmer waters closer to the equator in the winter months, where they mate, feed, and breed.

Whatever the season, you will have a great Encinitas whale watching experience with Next Level Sailing. We have hosted over 200,000 guests since 2006 and have been awarded a Certificate of Excellence in both 2017 and 2018 by Trip Advisor. Over the 2017-2018 season, we proudly achieved a 98-percent success rate across 83 excursions (success rate meaning whales were spotted).

At Next Level Sailing, one of our most-prized possessions is the iconic Yacht America, a 139-foot replica of the most famous racing vessel in the world. With a capacity of 76 passengers, we are able to take guests on luxury whale watching tours, as well as private chartered events. Whale watching in Encinitas is truly the experience of a lifetime. Come join us on Broadway Pier and experience Encinitas whale watching firsthand—the Next Level Sailing staff looks forward to showing you a great time in and around the San Diego bay.