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Daily Southern California Whale Watching Trips All Year Round.

Every year, over 20,000 gray whales complete an incredible 6,000-mile/9,656-km voyage from Alaska to Mexico, and back again. Fortunately, this time of year is the best for tourists and locals to catch Southern California whale sightings. Southern California sees one of the most astounding wildlife migrations in the world, making it so simple for whale watchers to witness incredible creatures glide past the coast year round.

The whales start their journey in their feeding grounds in the Bering Sea and travel to mating and breeding lagoons along Baja California in Mexico. Southern California whale sightings consist of whales spouting, breaching, and fluking from ocean bluffs. These occurrences are more likely to be caught if you have binoculars. While gray whales are the most prevalent whale species along the Southern California coast, other cetaceans—including orcas, humpbacks, porpoises, dolphins, and gigantic blue whales—inhabit the waters at various points throughout the year, raising your chances of spotting something amazing out at sea.

During Southern California whale watching season, Next Level Sailing provides guests with a top-notch experience along the coast while aboard our 139 foot yacht, America. Fitting up to 77 passengers, our yacht includes open spaces for a lavish and relaxing excursion that can be enjoyed with your friends and family while witnessing marvelous marine life. With so many Southern California whale watching tours to choose from, Next Level Sailing guarantees you and your fellow guests a trip of a lifetime with opportunities to see incredible aquatic animals, beyond just whales. We also offer a selection of private tours for hosting corporate events for you and your team. Enjoy several dining options from our skilled crew while taking in the incredible views the Pacific Ocean has to offer.

Whether you wish to enjoy a cruise with close friends and family or want to reward your work team with a trip of a lifetime, Next Level Sailing will not disappoint.