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Birthdays At Sea

Birthdays at sea paint the most magical day imaginable, where you will be immersed in a stunning oceanic paradise. Celebrate turning a year older aboard Next Level Sailing’s magnificent yacht, The America. Let the sun shine down on your face as you glide through the peaceful San Diego Bay, the best birthday gift imaginable.

With a spacious deck and welcoming environment, The America encourages you to bring your closest friends or family aboard to make your day one to look back on with fondness. Next Level Sailing provides the best experience compared to other San Diego birthday cruises with our professional crew and top of the line services. Enjoy this significant day aboard The America with delectable food, picture perfect backdrops and everlasting sunshine reflecting against the pacific waters. Planning an unforgettable birthday with Next Level Sailing is quick and simple to get fabulous results that will exceed your expectations. 

Skip another typical birthday at your favorite restaurant and go for the alternative, commemorating your birthday in lavish style aboard our high class cruise line. You and those closest to you will remember this day as the most spectacular birthday celebration, cherishing each other’s company and scenic surroundings with the best private dining at sea. Gliding through the tranquil crystal clear coast will make you appreciate and look forward to another marvelous year of life. This spectacular setting is incomparable to other party venues in the area as you will be completely surrounded by the glistening sea and elegant wildlife. Make sure to bring your camera along with you to document this lovely day, you may even be able to capture graceful whales passing by and other glorious marine life. 

The America is a charming and extraordinary yacht ideal for a private birthday cruise around the bay. Special milestones like this deserve a wonderful boat venue like ours. Next Level Sailings invite you to choose The America for a fun birthday cruise equipped with refreshing drinks and delectable hour d’oeuvres and desserts. You and your guests will marvel at the incredible views, and luxurious ambiance encompassing The America. Relax on our deck and take your time sightseeing as you rejuvenate your soul for a new year of life. We will assist in bringing you utmost joy on your birthday with our loyal crew members ready to accommodate your needs. Please contact us with more information and book your event today to have a grand birthday getaway.


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