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Things To Do in San Diego This Spring

a group of people on a beach near a body of water

Spring in San Diego is as glorious as you think. With average daytime temperatures of just under 70 degrees and average nighttime temps of just under 60 degrees, and with an average total of 6 days of rain over three months, spring fosters an environment that is made for recreation, especially outdoors. Beyond the weather, between year-round attractions like Legoland and seasonal adventures, like taking in a Padres game, there’s plenty to do in this coastal California gem.

Go on a Sailing Tour

San Diego is a sailing destination, and the proof is found in the number of boats you can discover moored off of Shelter Island and Point Loma. The gorgeous San Diego Bay is 19 square miles of tranquil water. If that doesn’t quench your nautical whimsy, the Pacific Ocean will yield incredible coastal views on one side and expansive ocean views on the other.

San Diego sailing tours can involve anything you’re interested in, from romantic sunset sails to whale-watching excursions to dinner cruises. Early spring, through April, is the ideal time to see some 20,000 gray whales as they migrate along the coastline from Baja to Alaska. Blue and fin whales and dolphins, porpoises, and other sea creatures can also be seen.

a group of people standing in front of a crowd

Visit Legoland

Among the scores of activities in San Diego is Legoland. It mirrors San Diego in the way that so many things do. Geared for kids and any grown-ups who still hold Legos dear to their hearts or who like to see and do awesomely fun things, Legoland has been described as an elaborate fantasyland with incredible creativity and craftsmanship on display. It’s the ultimate family destination. In March, both Miniland San Diego and the Water Park will open up for spring.

animal on the water

Hit the Beaches

The southern California coastline is chock-full of gorgeous beaches. Mission Beach is known as San Diego’s classic boardwalk beach town. With over two miles of oceanfront boardwalk, replete with shops and restaurants, at this beach, you can enjoy volleyball, boogie boarding, body surfing, swimming, sunbathing, and other activities.

If you are a dog-lover, you’ll love Dog Beach, located just south of Mission Beach at the mouth of the San Diego River. It is one of the official leash-free beaches in America and is a landmark for locals and visitors. If you’re looking for beaches that might not be too overcrowded, consider San Onofre State Beach, Torrey Pines State Beach, and Black’s Beach.

a baseball player throwing a ball during a game

Catch a Padre Game

One of the fun activities in San Diego that baseball fans will enjoy is catching a Padres game. Petco Park Stadium is home to one of the most exciting baseball teams in the National League. Since 1969, the Padres have been fielding competitive teams. Although your hot dogs, popcorn, and soda might cost a few dollars more these days, the vibe is the same, and there’s no place like the old ballpark for some classic all-American fun.

Explore Tidal Pools

Tidal pools are isolated pockets of seawater found in the ocean’s intertidal zones. Those warm, relatively shallow pockets, full of snails, barnacles, mussels, and other hardy sea creatures, surround San Diego’s beaches. There are more than twenty that you can explore. It’s one of the most kid-friendly, science-oriented activities you’ll likely find.

San Diego, in the springtime, presents visitors with beautiful weather and tons to do. Whether you’re a landlubber with a penchant for getting on the water occasionally or somebody who feels very much at home stepping onto a sailboat, America’s Finest City has what you’re looking for. Visit San Diego’s website for a list of upcoming events, and check out a sailing charter company to book the perfect cruise today.