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The Best Time of Year To Visit San Diego

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People often wonder when is the best time of year to visit San Diego. The truth is that there isn’t a bad time to visit America’s Finest City, as it has come to be known. San Diego received this sobriquet partly because, for such a sprawling city with so many elements and attractions, it feels like a small town. This is because the city is comprised of several disparate neighborhoods, each with its flavor and character. When people visit San Diego, whenever that is, they are often struck by how a sense of familiarity mingles with the novelty of travel. Whether looking for ideal weather, small crowds, or particular events, there’s always a great time to visit San Diego. 

When to Visit for Great Weather

Locals and forecasters alike will tell you that if you’re looking for the finest weather, you might choose to visit San Diego in September. The weather in late summer features incredibly moderate temperatures. The average high is 77 degrees in August and September, while the average low is around 66. There is also generally no rain during these months. The rainless period in San Diego runs from late April to late October.

The ocean temperatures are warmest in the late summer, so if you aim to hit the beaches, you couldn’t pick a better time. The Pacific will always act as a natural fan for San Diego because of how the cool air over the ocean gets pulled inland, creating a gentle breeze that helps preserve the mild climate.

When to Visit To Avoid Crowds

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According to the experts, December and January are the least crowded months in San Diego, even though there are bursts of activity because of the city’s festivals and attractions surrounding the holidays. These are considered shoulder months when folks travel less and when hotels report the most vacancies; thus, your best chance of engaging the city without dealing with the crowds.

When to Visit for the Best Activities

The list of events and activities in San Diego is staggering. You can hit the famous Mercado Farmer’s Market every Saturday and Wednesday every week. Likewise, you can book whale watches, tours of the harbor, and dinner cruises at any time of year. 

SeaWorld San Diego hosts its Seven Seas Craft Beer & Food Festival from March through April. San Diego’s Mardi Gras on the Point Loma peninsula in May is for folks who love great food and music and a touch of high-spirited rowdiness. During the last week of March, San Diego Restaurant Week is another great time to visit for foodies. 

When to Visit for Family Vacations

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There are tons of places to visit in San Diego for family fun. SeaWorld, Legoland, and the Zoo constantly add new events and attractions. Balboa Park and Belmont Park are excellent places for families to picnic and play together in the city’s green space. Little Italy prides itself on celebrating family, so a trip to the Piazza della Famiglia will make you feel welcome.

Depending on your reasons, there are many ‘best times’ to visit San Diego. If you want to roam the cobblestone streets of Little Italy with your paramour in the rain, you can go during the rainy period, from October to April. If you’d rather tour the world-famous zoo with your family in the sunshine, the rest of the year is wide open. San Diego offers visitors a temperate destination that attracts foodies, art lovers, historians, dog lovers, and many others year-round. Your best bet is to compose a list of your desires and hone your timeframe. Visit San Diego’s website to learn more about America’s Finest City and book your tickets today. While you’re there, remember to visit the local sailing charters to get the whole Pacific experience.