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How To Reconnect Your Team Post Pandemic

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How do businesses re-establish “normal” routines after the pandemic shake-up? Mandatory closures, limited contact, and quarantines forced companies to reimagine operations temporarily, pushing most to embrace remote work strategies. In a post-pandemic world, companies want to return to standard operations but are finding some pushback from a comfortable workforce. Re-enforcing traditional operations and reconnecting with teams is paramount to future success, but how can companies reinstate old practices without angering existing teams?

Workshops & Team Building

Companies need to understand the reluctance employees have to return to the office. Some team members are still anxious about the virus and their safety; others have a positive and comfortable work-life balance that is challenging to let go of.

Companies need to express an understanding of employee concerns and explain how they will account for them. Workshops and team-building events can help. Workshops allow employees to express their concerns and brainstorm ways to resolve potential barriers to returning to the office.

A business can use team-building activities to show a willingness to improve work-life balance. For example, a company can organize a family day with whale watching tours.

Establish Goals, Behaviors & Expectations

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As companies return to the office, there is a growing need to establish goals, behaviors, and expectations. Creating structured timelines and goals is crucial for businesses embracing a hybrid model, so remote workers understand what’s expected.

Also, because it is easier for remote employees to lose sight of bigger corporate objectives, companies must find ways to engage and keep team members focused. An excellent method of maintaining the team’s focus is frequent meetings.

Management must be clear about employee expectations. Also, it must create clear and open communication lines, whether email, phone, or direct messaging. The expectations must be clear for everyone, not only subordinates.

Share Recognition

Reconnecting with a team is about more than listening and setting ground rules; it is also about sharing credit and recognizing the accomplishments and efforts of each member. People need to feel valued in their occupation because if they don’t, it can lead to burnout and other issues.

It is easy to recognize people for their contributions. Managers can do it by publicly addressing the team members during a meeting. They can also make it a point to contact them privately. However, a manager recognizes the team’s accomplishments are up to them; it only matters that they do it.

Welcome New Team Members

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As important as it is to recognize team members for their efforts, it is also important to welcome new team members. New people do not have a rapport with the team, so that they can use an assist from team leaders. Also, managers should take the time to address the qualities of the new team member and why they will be an excellent fit.

Taking the time to introduce the newer members can give them a sense of pride and confidence. It can also help them learn where they fit within the team structure.

Discuss the Business

Teams may have questions or concerns about job security or the business’s health when they return to the office. Managers should address these concerns head-on. The team has the right to know how the pandemic affected the company and what the current outlook is. Being secretive or avoiding questions can lead to staffing issues later.

Team building is only one method for reconnecting in a post-pandemic world. Companies must assess alternative work schedules, team member enthusiasm, and corporate transparency. Contact a team specialist if you would like to learn more about rebuilding team environments or motivating performance. You can also encourage team unity through shared experiences by scheduling a whale-watching tour.