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5 Reasons Team Building Outdoors Can Be So Inspiring

a group of people standing in the grass

As a species, people need the outdoors. While modern amenities mean less need for exploration or primitive hunting techniques, human beings still need the sun and fresh air. Experts understand that time spent outdoors is good for mental and physical health. Studies suggest that nature improves not only well-being but also individual attention span. Because of these findings, companies should focus corporate community exercises on outdoor team-building activities, allowing for other benefits.

1. Supports Creativity and Attention Span

Many people underestimate the level of mental and emotional demands of the office. Without an adequate outlet or reprieve, it is common for employees to experience burnout and exhaustion.

While most workers recognize the need for occasional breaks and vacations, they may not realize that nature is a crucial component of those breaks. Taking a vacation to lounge in a living room or hotel is not providing the rest people think.

Spending time outdoors can bolster your energy level and mood. It can also make you more creative. Exploring nature offers time in the sunshine and fresh air, contributing to mental and physical health.

2. Reduces Stress and Anxiety

a group of people that are standing in the grass

At the office, focused on work and problem-solving, your brain enters a beta or “active mind” state, producing high-frequency brain waves. During this state, the body is more susceptible to stress and anxiety.

In nature, the brain calms down, producing alpha waves activated by the parasympathetic nervous system. The brain is more at ease, allowing it to enter creative states quickly, free of anxiety and stress.

Alpha waves enable not only creativity but also focus and heightened intuition. These attributes complement most jobs and careers; only nature and time spent outdoors can help your team embrace them freely.

3. Encourages Daily Outdoor Activities

Outdoor team building can encourage more positive habits. If team members feel that outdoor activity positively influences their mental state, they are more likely to embrace outside habits.

You don’t need to spend significant time outdoors to experience some benefits; even 15 minutes is enough. You can take a brisk walk in the afternoon, play a game with a friend, or ride your bike around the neighborhood.

People often feel disbelief with how much a few minutes of daily outdoor time can change their mood, focus, and productivity levels. Taking team building outside is an excellent way to show your team how much of a difference it can make.

4. Helps Team Connect Deeper

a couple of people that are standing in the grass

Taking the team on outdoor field trips is an excellent way for them to get to know each other better. While some team-building events require focus and competitiveness, others are about spending quiet time getting to know each other. For example, whale-watching tours allow your team time to talk and get to know each other.

When team members can open up about topics that may or may not concern work, it helps them connect on a deeper level. Outdoor activities can provide moments for genuine friendships to emerge.

5. Avoids Burnouts

Burnout is around the corner if a team never takes time to step away from desks and computer monitors. A person can only take so much stress, anxiety, and pressure before they break. Taking time to “forest bathe” or breathe in some fresh air can help relieve some of that tension, possibly mitigating the possibility of burnout.

Team building activities outdoors help rejuvenate the individual members. The sun and fresh air allow the brain to slow down, improving focus and creativity while embracing happiness. You can do many outdoor activities to give your team a break and talk to a professional to learn more.