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Team Building Activities for Small Groups In San Diego 2023

a group of people standing in the grass

Team building activities for small groups are important because they help team members build rapport with each other. That rapport can develop into friendships and highly productive working relationships. For curious team leaders, there are many options for team-building activities.

Culinary Team Building Activities

Do you have a team of aspiring foodies or talented cooks? Culinary experiences can be excellent opportunities for team building. Whether you want to turn an event into a competition or celebrate the unique food traditions of different cultures, there are several options.

A baking or cake decorating contest is fun and likely more exciting than it sounds. You separate your team into several smaller groups. Each new team follows specific recipe cards and theme suggestions to create tasty and creative treats.

You can also host a cooking class for the team. Most people would love to learn how to cook quality meals. A cooking class’s advantage is that it encourages necessary team skills like communication, patience, and direction.

Finally, you can take your team to a dinner they will never forget. For instance, you can charter a boat for a dining experience on the bay. You can also hire a private chef for the special evening.

Virtual Team Building Activities

a group of people posing for a photo in front of a computer

Remote team building activities for small groups can include office Olympics, bingo, scavenger hunts, or two truths and one lie. With virtual team-building exercises, you only need to ensure the game is accessible to every member. For example, if you do a virtual scavenger hunt, include typical household items, like kitchen utensils or paper products.

Virtual games help a team focus on communication in a different environment, one with potentially many distractions. When working remotely, it is more important than ever to tighten communication skills to reduce the risks of mistakes.

Creative Team Building Activities

The trust fall and blindfold challenge are two familiar team-building activities that lack a certain creative flair. For more fun and excitement, a company can try hosting a murder mystery event. Some services will host the event for you, or you can create the mystery and clues independently.

Another fun option for a day out of the office is a scavenger hunt around town. You give your team members a list of items to collect around the city, like a picture at a town monument. The first person or team to finish wins a prize.

Another creative team option is to build a chain reaction or Rube Goldberg machine. This activity takes creativity, communication skills, and cooperation among group members.

Outdoor Team Building Activities

a group of people standing on a sidewalk

Spending time outside is an excellent way to blow off steam and improve mental health. Companies can organize field days for the entire organization, or team leaders can opt for smaller, more intimate events to encourage team bonding.

Obstacle courses are always a fun and challenging way to improve team engagement. You must ensure the course is accessible for everyone, so members don’t feel left out.

Another favorite outdoor activity is frisbee golf. The courses are comparable to regular golf courses, with 18 holes.

Finally, you can plan an adventure that is less about competition and more about shared experiences. San Diego is one of the best places for whale watching. You can charter a boat to take your team out of the bay for an afternoon they will never forget.

There are many ways to improve team cohesion, from virtual team-building activities for small groups to outdoor activities. If you want to schedule a relaxing and fun adventure for your team, consider chartering a boat for the day.