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10 Things You Can Do To Protect The Climate

Since the topic of climate change became such a main focus in the media, communities have come together like never before. Taking even one step to help climate change can make all the difference. So, what can we do to stop climate change?

No plastic.

The simplest way to help climate change is to not use plastic. Plastic greatly affects our oceans by releasing toxins into the air that is turning the ocean acidic. As a result, the coral reef is breaking down, which cuts off human air supply since the coral reef absorbs carbon dioxide. 

Reduce your carbon footprint.

Another simple act in how to stop climate change is by reducing your carbon footprint. Opting to ride your bike to work instead of driving, for example, is a great way to start to use less gas. 

Educate yourself. 

By educating yourself on the detrimental effects of climate change, you are able to educate others. Being informed not only gives you the power to incite change, but it also positively influences others to do the same. 

Unplug electronics.

By unplugging your electronics or household appliances that are not in use, you are saving more energy than you can ever imagine. Currently, the electronics across the United States that are plugged in and not being actively used adds up to 50 large U.S. power plants!

Drive a fuel-efficient vehicle. 

Cars emit a ton of toxins into the air due to the gas needed to drive them. Buying a car that requires less fuel per mile also helps the environment!

Utilize renewable energy.

By installing solar panels, you are utilizing the Earth’s natural resources to produce energy! 

Reduce water usage. 

Other than avoiding a drought, reducing water usage also reduces the amount of energy used to heat it up or cool it down.

Eat the food you buy.

10 percent of U.S. energy goes into food production, whether it be growing it, processing or packaging. You will take a step forward in saving the world (and your wallet!) by buying only enough food that you will actually eat. 

Buy better bulbs.

Investing in better light bulbs means investing in saving the world from climate change! LED light bulbs use up to 80 percent less energy than regular bulbs.

Keep your tires pumped!

By keeping your tires properly pumped and up-to-date, your car will be using less miles per gallon, which in turn reduces the amount of gas used.