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The Rarest Marine Animals In The World

The ocean covers up to 70 percent of the Earth, making it the largest ecosystem in the world. Deep below the surface lives millions of different marine animals, some breeds that have yet to even be discovered. Rare animals in the ocean are, obviously, hard to come by, but often come along with the most interesting characteristics.

Rarest Marine Life Animals

  • Sea Dragon. The sea dragon is a rare ocean animal most easily identified by its leaf-like fins. The sea dragon uses these fins to blend into its surroundings to escape enemies. In addition, they are known to be symbols of luck in Australia, so they are usually hunted for festivals, which is a big reason their population is at risk of extinction.
  • Dumbo Octopus. Along with being one of the most interesting looking, the dumbo octopus is thought to be the rarest marine animal of all. It is called “Dumbo” since its fins resemble the ears of the Disney character. It is able to withstand high pressure and preys upon animals by swallowing them whole.
  • Spade-Toothed Whale. Unlike any of the whales we see, the spade-toothed whale is one of the rarest mammals in the world. The breed was discovered washed up on the shore of a beach in New Zealand. They are easily identified by their extremely long beaks, which helps them to dive up to 800 meters below the surface to feed on animals, such as squid. 
  • Blob Fish. The rare ocean animal, the blob fish, is extremely gelatinous to the point that it literally looks like a blob with a face. They live in the deep waters of Australia, Tasmania and New Zealand. In 2013, it was voted the ugliest animal in the world.
  • Marine Pig. The marine pig got its name due to its head and mouth looking strangely similar to that of a pig. These creatures live at the bottom of the ocean and feed on organic particles from plants and animals.
  • Hairy Toadfish. The hairy toadfish has a fascinating appearance, much like other rare marine animals. It is bright orange, so it lives among the corals and sponges so that it can blend in as much as it can to avoid enemies. Its round facial features and the fact that it jumps on its prey is what gives this rare sea animal its name. In addition, it possesses poison, which makes it highly dangerous.

There are so many marine animals that human beings have yet to discover. It’s rare sea creatures like the ones listed above that make it essential to protect our oceans so we can learn even more about our world! Spreading awareness on how to keep our oceans safe is the best way to take the first step in keeping them alive.