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Next Level Sailing: Types of Sailing Tours


a whale swimming in a body of waterThroughout the year, San Diego Bay offers near-perfect conditions for residents and visitors to get out on the water and enjoy the experience of boating. The beauty of the Pacific Ocean’s blue waters and the chance to see the land from a different vantage point can highlight any trip. If you wish to make the most of this opportunity, our San Diego sailing tours allow you and your family and friends to spend several hours on a world-class sailing ship. At Next Level Sailing, our experienced team offers several safe, comfortable, and thrilling excursions to enrich your vacation and life.

Whale Watching

Few people remain unimpressed when watching some of the biggest creatures to ever live on Planet Earth. In the waters of Southern California, many whales visit this area on their way to and from feeding grounds and breeding grounds around the globe. Blue whales, the largest creature ever on the planet, can be seen from May through September. Several other cetaceans appear off the San Diego coast as well:

  • Gray and humpback whales from January through April
  • Finback whales in late spring and early summer
  • Minke whales in the fall and winter  
  • The North Pacific right whale at different times 

Our whale tours at Next Level Sailing also frequently spot four types of dolphins, sea lions, and interesting bird life. Occasionally, rare species of whales, such as killer whales or orcas and short-finned pilot whales, appear in the area. Knowledgeable naturalists will talk about the natural history of marine life and answer any questions about the ocean.

a group of people sitting around each other

Private Boat Charters

Another popular sailing tour option allows you to charter a ship. You can design an exciting trip that meets your needs and lets you and your guests sail along by wind power while engaged in such activities as a cocktail cruise as the sun lowers on the horizon. Other popular tours include any of the following:

  • Weddings and wedding parties
  • Rehearsal dinners
  • Birthday gatherings
  • Milestone anniversary events
  • Bridal showers
  • Corporate entertaining

All of these tours come with a seasoned crew that values the safety and comfort of all guests. While these important events speak for themselves, having the added attraction of plying the waters of the Pacific Ocean while aboard a classic sailing ship is something that many people greatly value.

Special Event Charter

The unique facilities on a large sailing vessel help make any important event more meaningful. The Yacht America can comfortably hold up to 77 people, and they will not feel crowded. Whether you charter a private whale-watching tour or celebrate a wedding or an anniversary, you will have plenty of space to enjoy the ride.

You can also take advantage of high-quality food while on the high seas. Quality restaurants from the San Diego area can cater your special event. You can also plan for live music aboard the ship if you wish. If you have an idea for a special event charter, you can contact our team at Next Level Sailing, and we can help you work out the details. We have experience in a wide range of activities out on the seas.

When looking for the best sailing tours near me, you can find everything you need at Next Level Sailing. A trip to San Diego is only complete with some time out on the wild and beautiful waters of the Pacific Ocean. Choose the tour that works best for you and your family and friends.