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7 Thing To Do in San Diego When It Is Raining

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Southern California is known for its fantastic weather. You can expect sunny or cloudy skies and perfect temperatures most of the year. However, you should expect some rain in late fall through winter. Although it doesn’t happen often, typically only five days during the rainiest month of February, you should plan some indoor activities. These are a few things to do while it’s raining.

1. Ice Skating

With the rainy season falling in the winter months, why not check out winter sports, such as ice skating? Although you can enjoy a twirl around an indoor rink all year, this activity is unique during the colder months. Many arenas offer ice skating lessons, pro shops to rent or buy new gear, and event space for birthdays, fundraisers, and other activities.

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2. Indoor Rock Climbing

Southern California has hundreds of miles of hiking trails and rock-climbing activities. However, during rainy days outdoor rock climbing can be dangerous. However, you can also find many indoor rock-climbing opportunities. Some climbing facilities offer additional activities like yoga, gymnastics, free weights, gym equipment, lounge areas, pro shops, and free wifi.

3. Visit Luxury Movie Theater

Southern California is the world’s entertainment capital, and one of the best things to do on a rainy day is visiting one of its luxury movie theaters. Many theaters have reclining seating in front of giant screens. They also offer a variety of foods and beverages that you can consume before, during, and after your movie. You can choose a family-friendly theater or one that caters to adults and has a wait staff that brings your beverages right to your seat.

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4. Visit Museums

This area is full of museums. You can revisit your childhood at the Model Railroad Museum, see dinosaurs at the Natural History Museum, see some of the best photography in the world at the Museum of Photographic Arts, revisit history and American ingenuity at the Automotive Museum, and imagine your flight into the unknown at the Air & Space Museum.  

Southern California also has historic sites, such as the Mormon Battalion Historic Site, where you can learn gold panning after your interactive tour. Visit interactive exhibits like those at the Fleet Science Center, where you and your family can work on STEM projects and watch movies in the IMAX theater. Whatever topics interest you and your family, you can find a museum in the area that will satisfy your curiosity.

5. San Diego Zoo

A trip to Southern California is only complete with a visit to a local zoo. Although you will be outside during some of your tours, you will find the zoo much less populated during rainy weather. In addition, the animals aren’t affected by the rain like humans, and they tend to be more active when it is cooler outside. The zoo also offers sheltered events, such as the 4D theater and indoor exhibits, giving you a place to duck into in case of a downpour.

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6. Aquarium

Don’t forget to visit the aquarium and learn about sea life. You can see seadragons, sharks, underwater forests, and other odd sea creatures and plants and learn more about watery ecosystems and life while viewing fascinating exhibits.

7. Luxury Bowling Alley

If you are looking for a way to exercise on your rainy day, consider looking for a luxury bowling alley. This area of California offers several high-end options. Some bowling alleys offer other activities, including karaoke, billiards, darts and board, table, and arcade games. Many bowling alleys also provide food and beverages, including high-end spirits and restaurant foods.

Whether visiting the area or being a long-time resident, find a new side of Southern California by trying some things to do while it’s raining.

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