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Keep ‘America’ Beautiful….a campaign with a difference!

The yacht ‘America’ always looks beautiful, but it takes a great deal of labor to keep her that way. As we count down to the last few weeks before a 3 day voyage to San Francisco for the America’s Cup, you can be assured there is a lot of preparation being undertaken. Not only is there preparation for the ocean voyage, but lots of checking and re-checking of rigging in advance of a near 3 straight months of almost daily trips on San Francisco Bay.


Here is a great shot just this afternoon of yacht ‘America’ crew members Scott, Sawyer & Michael hard at work on the huge bowsprit of the America in advance of quite a few coats of varnish. It looks like fun, but I’m sure it’s hard work.


Crew varnishing bowsprit

Yacht ‘America’ crew Scott, Sawyer & Michael ‘networking’!