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Archive: Dec 2014

Good Whale Watching Video From This Time Last Year

Wow, the Grey Whale comes really close to the boat! This is the Whale Watching View near San Diego on Yacht America. The video doesn’t even capture the full feeling of being there when the whale surfaces and you see how big it really is.

Looking for photos from your trip?

Photos from each whale watching trip will be uploaded here: ADSC08625ps Gray whale tail fluke- December 23, 2014.      

Whales are Here!

        Gray whales have arrived! Gray whales are in numbers off our coast already! Our first whale watching trip of the season was on December 9th, and we were greeted to a cow/calf…

Peak Whale Watching Season is Here!

The gray whales are in large numbers off our coast! OUR 2014/2015 WHALE WATCHING SEASON IS ON!  Check out our statistics from previous seasons below!  Next Level Sailing has never made it so easy for you to see these wonderful animals off our beautiful coastline.  So do it right on board our beautiful 138 foot sailing…