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Archive: Jan 2012

January 29/30 – Our first view of Fin Whales as well as migrating Grey Whales, Dolphins and Sea Lions treated our guests over the last two days.

whale watching san diego

January 27/28 – Fantastic weather continues with over a dozen whales and 500+ dolphins over the past two days.

whale watching san diego

January 26 – Our guests were treated to a newly born calf with it’s mother and then a pod with 6 grey whales.

January 25 – I’m running out of adjective to describe this amazing season as today was another miracle day.

whale watching san diego Today had it all again, beautiful weather, a breaching whale (which was also captured on video) and 100’s of dolphins captured underwater on our “bowcam”.  You must check out the videos and pics on our Facebook and Youtube links.  Today’s…

January 24 – I love my job. Today was another perfect 10.

whale watching san diego After a rainy Monday, we were back out today and were treated to a pod of four grey whales that we stayed with all the way to the Mexican boarder.  But on the way home we saw a…

January 22 – While 7 whales were spotted, 4 were in one pod.

We stayed with the 4 whales for over an hour and then had a relaxing sail home.  Our featured photo is provided by Kelly Snow who was a guest on board today.

January 20/21 – Our private charter guests on both days were treated to more of this fantastic season with one pod of 5 grey whales today with a total of 9 sighted.

January 19 – Jill and Jay joined us today for their sixth trip with us and it was another perfect day.

Every trip is so unique and today was a great example with two grey whales just as we left San Diego Bay. It started with one whale spy hopping, a behavior where a whale raises their head and eyes out of the water high…

January 18 – Our guests were treated to a pair of Grey whales that started with one breaching three times and then mating

Mating Grey whaleswhale watching san diego Our guest, Ramesh M., shares with us his picture of the pair of Grey whales yesterday that were mating during their migration to Mexico.  We first spotted the pair as the male breached three times.  It was another great…