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Sail yacht America to see the Blue Whales


The summer in San Diego is not only proving fantastic weather for being at the beach, but it has also attracted a Blue Whale population to spend extra time off our sunny shores. I guess they like the beautiful days here as well. Most people will never see a Blue Whale in their lifetime. These are the largest animals on the planet and dwarf you and I by comparison. Blue Whales seen from yacht America in San Diego


These huge whales are being seen more regularly off San Diego than ever before which is great for the tourists and local residents of this area. One of the best ways to see them is a wonderful sail on our yacht ‘America’ which provides not only an opportunity to sneak up quietly to get the best view, but we have a wonderful atmosphere on board and the sail home in the late afternoon catching the sunset is as spectacular as the whales themselves. We’re doing a yacht America, picnic on the ocean style trip to see blue whales and sail home with the sunset. But wait….there’s even more. That’s right, we also provide you free admission to the wonderful facilities of the Maritime Museum of San Diego on the day of your trip, we have snacks, sandwiches, fruit, soda & water for you and you can even bring your own favorite bottle of wine or beers to compliment that picnic atmosphere.


How big did I say those babies are? Have a look at this additional comparison.


The Blue Whales being seen from yacht America


So….if you think about our yacht America being 105 feet long from bow to stern, then you are going to be totally blown away when you see one of these monsters slide by us. We are overall 139 Ft, but the deck is 105 Ft…..just a fraction bigger that the larger of these Blues. So…get the family together and treat yourselves to one of life’s finest experiences on the famous America’s Cup yacht ‘America’ combined with the largest animal on earth. That equals 2 “once in a lifetime” experiences.

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