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Your Complete Guide To La Jolla

One of the best parts of visiting southern California is the fact that the weather is great year-round. That doesn’t mean there are no changes, though. Seasonal ocean migrations make whale watching and fishing very different at different points of the year. La Jolla is a great place to stay when visiting the San Diego area because of its family friendly hospitality environment and seven miles of beautiful coastline. You’ll be able to get to downtown San Diego easily while also having easy access to other nearby sights.

Popular Hotels

You will find all the nation’s economy hotel chain brands in or near the San Diego area, but if you’re looking for unique and memorable experiences, there are a few La Jolla hotels that no national chain can imitate.

  •     The Estancia La Jolla offers a full spa experience as well as a luxurious approach to overnight accommodations, making it perfect for couples
  •     The Lodge at Torrey Pines overlooks a golf course and ocean views, providing family friendly lodging options in a luxurious setting that has one of the best views in the San Diego area
  •     The La Valencia boasts 1940s style red Spanish tile that preserves its historic look alongside full spa services to provide a unique look into the San Diego that existed during the golden age of cinema
  •     The La Jolla Shores Hotel is an exquisite vacation destination located on the stunning La Jolla Shores Beach, allowing easy access for snorkeling, swimming, and surfing 

Each of these choices brings something totally unique to the table, so it’s worth checking them all out if you are a repeat visitor to the area. They are also located conveniently within the community, making meals and sightseeing trips more easily accessible to those unfamiliar with the area.

Where To Dine

There are a few truly wonderful restaurants in La Jolla with menus that complement any day’s activities. Pick a favorite or work your way through the list as you check out the beaches or whale watching tours. Burger lovers should check out these spots:

  •     George’s At The Cove 
  •     Public House
  •     The Burger Lounge
  •     Hennessey’s La Jolla

Seafood lovers will find a few great sushi choices locally as well. Check out these options to see something unique alongside all your favorite rolls and other dishes:

  •     James’ Place
  •     Shiku Sushi
  •     Cafe Japengo
  •     Sushi Mori

For other seafood options, try a meal at any of these restaurants:

  •     Crabcatcher
  •     Cusp Dining & Drinks
  •     Eddie V’s Prime Seafood

Last but not least, there are some top-notch Mexican restaurants and taquerias.

  •     The Taco Stand
  •     Puesto
  •     Verdes el Ranchero
  •     Galaxy Taco

You will also find plenty of choices for Italian, American casual dining, and French cuisine locally if you go looking. There’s a little something for everyone, so you won’t have trouble picking a place for dinner.

Best Exhibits

Local attractions and exhibitions are great ways to add some extra excitement to a day because you can drop into them without having to plan, so it’s easy to put them in between your scheduled milestone events to fill out a vacation.

  •     The Museum of Contemporary Art, La Jolla
  •     Torrey Pines State Nature Reserve
  •     La Jolla Recreation Center
  •     Birch Aquarium
  •     The seals & sea lions at the children’s pool in La Jolla Cove

There’s a little something for everyone in the area. If you like outdoor activities, you’ll find a lot more to offer beyond the recreation center and nature reserve, too. Those are just the best places to start for new visitors looking to enjoy the local trails and other outdoor sports facilities.

Top Beaches

No trip to the San Diego area would be complete without some beach time, even if it’s just for a walk by the shore. Here are a few great places to go nearby:

  •     La Jolla Shores
  •     Kellogg Park
  •     Birch Aquarium has some great beachfront areas right next to the building
  •     Windansea Beach

Now all you need to do is plan your must-see sights. Don’t forget to book your whale watching tours and La Jolla boat charters while you are buying tickets and booking your hotel to make sure you get the day and time you want.