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Yacht America’s Tour: Panama to Fort Lauderdale

After getting through the Panama Canal at a rapid rate, the America and her crew needed to get to New York, fast. They had just 9 days to get there. There was no hesitation to start their journey north, despite the thunder in the distance.


During the early stage of America’s voyage, there was a huge thunderstorm. Rain like you have never seen in San Diego. Many of the new sailors felt uneasy about the rough and rugged seas.

Credit: Shawn Frederick

Luckily, there were 2 salty sailors on board. “Is it going to be okay?” a crew member asked. Rod retorted, “sure, it’s just a little drizzle.” Rod, one of the wise salty sailors, was actually a retired navy captain. Having such a seasoned mariner aboard helped to make sure the crew was comfortable. He had the wisdom to provide confidence in the rough seas.


Thereafter, the weather was calm all the way to the west of Cuba. It was even sunny as the America was being pulled north by the Gulf Stream.


Such weather didn’t last long. Once the America hit the Florida Straits, the seas and wind starting building rapidly. Within 3-4 hours, the America and her crew were engulfed in 15-20 ft seas and 30 MPH winds. For the first time, everyone on deck got scared except for Captain Troy and Rod.


After a solid day and a half of really rough weather, the sun came out and the seas became calm. The young crew earned their salt that leg, as their experience increased their confidence. Within 3 hours, the America docked at sunny Fort Lauderdale.



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