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Yacht America: The Largest Sailing Yacht Available for Charter on the Entire West Coast of the United States

a small boat in a body of water

If you want to get out on the water and impress your friends, consider chartering the largest sailing yacht on the West Coast: the Yacht America. Located off the coast of San Diego, this yacht is perfect for various private events, including birthday parties, weddings, corporate events, anniversaries, bridal parties, and family reunions. Gather a group and enjoy being out on the open water while taking in the sights of the great coast.

Benefits of Chartering a Private Yacht

There are numerous advantages of a yacht charter. Many other boat tours are available, but chartering your own allows you to make all the decisions. Choose the guests, food, beverages, and itinerary. Perhaps you want to go whale watching, or maybe you want to explore the various sights and landmarks in the bay and beyond. Whichever way you want to spend your time, you can.

You can also rest assured that you will have a fun and safe time. The crew is highly trained, and they know what guests want. 

How Do I Charter a Private Yacht in California?

Go to Next Level Sailing’s website to charter the largest sailing yacht. You will find all the information you need there, and it is the only place to charter the full-sized replica of the Yacht America. Choose the type of charter you want, and then you can get down to the details.

a large ship in a body of water

The History Behind “Yacht America”

The Yacht America is a replica of ‘AMERICA,’ a racing yacht that won the Royal Yacht Squadron’s 100 Guinea Cup in 1851. The winners donated the cup to the New York Yacht Club, which resulted in the birth of the America’s Cup. Additional things that this vessel was over the years include:

  • Naval Academy training vessel
  • Confederate blockade runner
  • Transporter of secret agents
  • Union warship

The original vessel was destroyed in 1942 due to a large snowstorm. Unfortunately, it was in a garage, and the roof collapsed, causing the entire boat to be destroyed. The current Yacht America was built in 1995 and has been invited to multiple races and events worldwide.  

What You Can Expect Aboard the Largest Sailing Yacht Available for Charter

The options are endless when you take advantage of California’s private yacht charter. Whale watching is extremely popular, as the warm waters off the coast of southern California attract various whales at all times of the year. In winter, see gray whales; in spring, keep an eye out for humpback, blue, and fin whales. Summer hosts blue whales, and fin and humpback whales return in the fall. You may also see dolphins, sea turtles, sea lions, and many birds.

If you do not want to whale watch, you can also request a sightseeing tour around the large San Diego. See the USS Midway, Point Loma lighthouse, navy ships, Coronado Bridge, and the city skyline.

You can bring your food aboard or leave the work to the yacht’s crew. Various catering options are available, from cocktails and appetizers to a formal dinner. Whatever you envision your yacht charter to be, the crew can make it happen.

Wear layers and bring your sunglasses and sunscreen for comfort if you go out during the day. The yacht is even dog-friendly if you want to bring your four-legged friend along!  

a large ship in a body of water

Cheers to Sailing Along the West Coast

No matter what type of event or celebration you have, there is no better way to commemorate it than on the water. Charter the Yacht America, grab your friends and beverage of choice and enjoy all that sailing offers.