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Yacht America 2023 Scheduled Maintenance

a small boat in a body of water with a city in the background

Where is America?! Don’t worry, she is coming back.

Every ten years, America must undergo scheduled maintenance. This year was one of those years. Captain Troy decided to take the yacht America down to a boatyard in Ensenada for an entire month of maintenance. The America will return looking absolutely gorgeous and ready for a busy winter gray whale watching season. 

Readers may be curious about how the America is pulled out of the water for this long month of maintenance. First, the America must travel to a boatyard. Once at the yard, the America is hauled out of the water. She can be pulled out of the water in a few different ways. Sometimes, straps are looped under the hull, and she is pulled out of the water. For instance, that system is used here at Marine Group Boat Works, located in San Diego. It looks like this:

a person riding on the back of a boat

They have one of the largest travel lifts in the country. This machine has straps that pull a boat out of the water, and the travel lift can move the whole system using massive tractor wheels to a particular destination. They can haul up to 665 tons using these super strong straps. Check out this video to see what it looks like for America to splash back in the water in San Diego: 

Down in Ensenada, they have a different system. Essentially, they have a floor that lifts the yacht America out of the water. Then, America moves on train tracks to a particular destination. Check it out here: 

Both are very effective systems, and America has successfully been hauled out of the water using both methods. 

a train is parked on the side of a building

Once Out of the Water, now what?! 

Usually, there are different goals for each haul out. No matter what, the hull is always cleaned and usually repainted. The zincs are checked and replaced if needed. The propellers are greased. This is also an excellent time for the Coast Guard to come and check the boat to ensure everything is ship shape. 

This haul out is extraordinary for America because she will get a new propeller and shrouds. If you’re unfamiliar with shrouds, these thick black vertical lines support the mast. 

The work will be completed in December. We plan to resume normal operation on December 26th in San Diego. 

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