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Why We Need to Protect Our Oceans

The ocean is known for its beauty and recreation; however, what most don’t know, is that it’s the reason we are alive today. Not only does it span across up to 70 percent of Earth’s surface, but it also is up to 97 percent of the world’s water. It’s the reason why we breathe, drink, eat and even have new medicines. 

So, why do we need the ocean for all of these things?

The reason why climate change has become more widely talked about than ever is for the sole reason that clean oceans are our only chance for survival. An important fact about the ocean is that it absorbs most of the carbon dioxide in the air. Over the years, more and more toxins have been released into the atmosphere through things like melting plastic. The ocean has been absorbing these toxins, which has made it become acidic. This acid is making it hard for the ocean to absorb carbon dioxide. If we do not invest in ocean conservation, then human beings’ air supply will be ultimately cut off. Ocean acidification is also breaking down the coral reef, which is home to hundreds of marine animals (and species we don’t even know about yet!). 

A huge reason why we need to save the ocean is for food, water and medicine. As the temperature and sea levels rise, fish are beginning to migrate to areas with a climate more suitable for living conditions. As a result, humans are being cut off from fish and even mainland animals are beginning to starve to death due to not having the resources they once had. The ocean is also home to a lot of minerals that we need for medicine. If we do not take care of the world’s largest ecosystem, we will not be able to continue life as we know it.