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Top Yachting Activities in San Diego 2022

Whether you live in the Golden State or you just like to vacation there, California is a great destination for water activities. If you usually hang out on the beach, take your time on the water to the next level in 2022 with these San Diego yachting activities. 

What Are Yachting Activities?

Yachting activities include anything that you can do on a yacht, but these pastimes usually take advantage of the vessel’s size, speed, and amenities. There are many ways to enjoy the water aboard your yacht, from cruising to different locations in San Diego to water skiing behind your boat.

How To Charter a Yacht in San Diego

Yachts are big investments, so if you’re not ready to make that commitment, you can charter one, such as The Yacht America, which means that an experienced crew will handle your excursion. First, let the chartering company know what you’re planning on doing with the yacht:

Let your company know how many passengers to expect and whether your guests have dietary restrictions if you’re having a meal during the cruise.

As you work out these details, talk to the head of your chartered yacht about the itinerary. Figure out when you can expect to take off and return and how long each activity will take. You should also ask whether certain items are forbidden, such as glass containers and tobacco products.

Fun Things To Do Aboard Your Yacht

If you’re not sure what to do aboard your yacht, start with a classic in the San Diego area: whale watching. Blue whales pass through San Diego Bay between June and September, while gray whales are more common from December through March. Talk to experienced whale watchers about the best places to see whales, and don’t forget to bring cameras, sunscreen, and sunglasses.

There’s really nothing better than enjoying a San Diego day on a yacht in San Diego. Grab your friends and family for a sail in the San Diego Bay. Plan for some cold 

Perhaps music peaks your interest. Check out the schedule at the beautiful outdoor venue, the Rady Shell at Jacobs Park. Find your favorite artist and enjoy drinks and dinner while sailing under the Coronado Bridge for a grand entrance to the concert. Alternatively, charter your yacht to pick you up after the concert and enjoy a romantic night under the stars in Glorietta Bay. An overnight stay aboard your yacht is a unique and elegant way to experience San Diego. The views of downtown San Diego and the Coronado Bridge at night are absolutely stunning. 

Best Spots To Take Your Yacht

Since the San Diego Bay is 12 miles long, there is so much to see. You can easily spend at least four hours sailing in these waters. Cruise by the bait barges to see herds of sea lions. You might even spy a California Brown Pelican gobbling up a few sardines. Sail past Naval Base Point Loma, where you can see active Los Angeles class submarines and the floating dry dock. At the mouth of the bay, you’ll have gorgeous views of the Cabrillo National Monument, Point Loma Lighthouse, New Point Loma Lighthouse, the Coronado Bridge, and the historic Hotel Del Coronado. 

If you prefer views of the city, head to the southern end of the San Diego Bay. You will be met with sweeping views of the San Diego skyline. In addition, you will sail past the helicopter base on North Island Naval Air Station, the birthplace of Naval Aviation.You might even see an active aircraft carrier just across the way from the USS Midway Museum. Look towards downtown San Diego and you will see the San Diego Maritime Museum, with the oldest active sailing ship in the world: Star of India. Have your yacht drop you off at Portside pier so you can eat some lunch and walk around the Maritime Museum and the USS Midway. 

Throwing a Yacht Party

For short-term yacht trips that create long-lasting memories, throw a party aboard your yacht. Leave a few hours before dark to catch the sunset as you eat on deck, or get up early in the morning for a dawn-til-dusk celebration. Ask your chartering company about packages for special events such as bridal showers, bachelor or bachelorette parties, and anniversaries.

Make the most of the San Diego area in 2022 by exploring the bay in a yacht.