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The Ocean & Mood Connection: How The Ocean Affects Mental Health

woman on the beach

The ocean is often associated with calmness and healing. If you turn on a meditation app, it’s extremely likely you will run across the sound of waves lapping against the shore as an option to meditate to. There is even a reason why ocean front properties are highly sought after and the majority of human beings prefer tropical vacations to relax. The truth is the ocean provides mental health benefits that are proven to instantly improve mood and act as a natural antidepressant. The sand between our toes, sound of the waves and exposure to sunlight are all scientifically proven reasons as to why the ocean makes us happy. Turns out, there are multiple health benefits beyond just what meets the eye.

Why Do Humans Feel Connected To The Ocean

Human beings strive to thrive. When we’re relaxed, clear-minded and motivated, we make better decisions and all around enjoy life for what it is. Ocean qualities are proven to provide that type of mental clarity on a psychologically proven level. For example, the color blue is calming and can put people in a meditative state. The ocean allows you to slow down and appreciate your surroundings for exactly how they were made to be. In addition, the sound and sight of waves lapping against the shore is not only relaxing, it’s also symbolic for allowing the negative to come and go with ease. 

boat on the water

How The Ocean Impacts Our Mood

The ocean is not only psychologically but scientifically proven to impact our mood. 

  1. Exposure to the sun is a natural way for your body to receive vitamin D, a necessary element to aid in the absorption of calcium, magnesium and phosphate. In addition, vitamin D increases endorphins and aids in autoimmune disease prevention. 
  2. Sea water provides negative ions, which can change our brain waves to feel more relaxed. 
  3. The sand directly interacts with the soles of our feet, which contain nerve endings. By walking on the sand, you are stimulating those nerves, which stimulates your mind.

Reasons Why The Ocean Is Therapeutic

The ocean is therapeutic both mentally and physically. The sound and sight of the ocean are proven to be meditative and relaxing. An interesting fact is that it’s even therapeutic to walk on the sand and have that direct connection to nature. In addition, the sunshine provides vitamin D, which directly impacts our mood. What most people don’t know are the physical components of the ocean that detox the body and mind. Ocean air contains negative ions that boost your immunity. Sea water contains magnesium, iodine and potassium, which fight off infection. In addition, it helps unclog pores by detoxifying your body of toxins and restores essential minerals lost from stress and poor diet.