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San Diego Whale Watching: January 9, 2019

Double Tail! Today was such a thrill, we saw at least 9 California gray whales.

We started our trip by heading towards the Coronado Islands. We sailed past a smaller whale that did not show us his tail. We found a huge pregnant female headed south at 5 knots. She made a turn to the east and slowed her pace to 3 knots. She really liked to show us her tail, she would tail fluke several times during her surface breaths. After sailing with her for a few sets, we waved goodbye made a turn and headed north.

Right in line with Point Loma, we saw a fabulous group of three whales. Each whale would breath a few times and then tail fluke as well.

One of the three showed us their tail, and then the other two fluked AT THE SAME TIME! We caught a double tail which is incredibly rare. It never ever happens….except for today. We sailed with this group for a few sets, and they double fluked again. The crew and passengers were so excited for this rare sight. There are photos and video galore.

Time was running out and we were already late. We headed home. Then we saw another pair swimming west.

Then, we saw another pair of whales!

Check out some great shots from the day:

See you tomorrow!

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