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San Diego Whale Watching: December 28, 2018

What a gorgeous day for whale watching! It was sunny and clear, our crew was excited to search for whales. As soon as we got out of the San Diego Bay, we headed south. We found a beautiful gray whale. The wind was just perfect, so we could see a heart shaped blow:

Gray Whale Swimming Towards Coronado Island

This gray whale really put on a show for us. He even showed us his tail!



After sailing with this wonderful gray whale, we suddenly saw a pair of gray whales to east! We waved this whale goodbye and sailed over to the pair to say hi.

The two gray whales swam right next to each other. Not only did we get a heart shaped blow from the first whale, we also got to see a very rare sight: a rainbow spout! The light and wind have to be just right to capture this moment. Can you see it in the picture below?

Rainbow Spout!

The first whale made a dive while the second whale came up to breath:

Two Gray Whales & Downtown San Diego

Would we see a second tail? Wait for it, wait for it…..TAIL!

Gray Whale Tail & Downtown San Diego

The second whale went down for a dive. What a gorgeous shot of this gray whale and downtown San Diego in the background. It doesn’t even look real, but it is!

As Al always says, “your whale watching guarantee has been officially satisfied!” We headed back to the entrance of the bay at Point Loma. Captain Troy asked everyone to keep their eyes out along the way, you never know what else we might see.

Sure enough, we saw dolphins! Captain Troy took us west so we could get a closer look:

Captain Troy looking towards dolphins

All Smiles! Adorable father, daughter, & dolphin moment

What a fabulous day out on the water. It was finally time to head back home.

See you tomorrow!


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