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Dog Friendly Activities – Salty Doggy Days

dog on a boat

Looking for fun activities to do with your dog? Head on down to San Diego for an opportunity of a lifetime: whale watching! Get outside and enjoy the fresh ocean breeze with your pup by your side. Here at Next Level Sailing, we are dog lovers and we are now officially dog friendly. We are pleased to announce that we are the first company in the world to offer dog friendly whale watching tours!

yacht america sailing

Where It Began

It all started six years ago when Captain Troy brought his beloved Corgi, Louis, aboard for daily whale watching trips. Since then, Captain Troy and Diana adopted a beautiful, sweet chocolate Lab named Marie Antoinette. Louis helped raise Marie, and now his legacy lives on as she greets guests for our daily whale watching tours. You’ll find her next to Captain Troy, sleeping on the deck in the sun. Don’t be fooled, she is an energetic pup! Diana takes her on a six-mile run every morning before the trip. 

Family members and crew members started to bring their own dogs aboard for whale watching trips. Troy’s daughter, Amy, brought her rescue pup aboard and the whole crew were amazed by his interest in wildlife. He actively watches whales, dolphins, and even sea birds. Follow Walter’s sailing adventures on Instagram by following him @walterswhales.

You might even spot some other resident dogs during your trip. Crew member Mike brings his rescue pup, Scarlett, aboard. She is always dressed up with an elegant flower or bow on her collar. Crew member Morgan also brings aboard her cute 11-month-old puppy named Clover. Although she looks like a fox, Clover is a Red Heeler mix. Clover loves to help hoist sails and dock the boat. Sometimes, Marie even bring some other puppy friends. You never know who you will meet during your whale watching trip! Below you can see Marie is concentrating at the helm while her friend, Cash, is lounging by the cockpit. 

a dog sitting on a yacht

Benefits of Whale Watching with Dogs

Captain Troy noticed that guests of all ages enjoyed sailing with the dogs of yacht America. As we are a family friendly activity, we often get brand new young sailors that are sometimes nervous out on the ocean. The dogs immediately make them smile and the kids enjoy playing with the pups. Their nervousness is quickly whisked away by doggy kisses and giggles.

Over the years, we have had returning guests ask if they could bring their dogs. After many successful experiences, we have decided to open up the opportunity to everyone and become a dog friendly whale watching experience.

In order to bring your pooch, we just have a few rules:

1)      Please make a free dog reservation. Give us a call at 619-922-6215 to make your reservation as we limit the number of dogs allowed per trip. Feel free to email us at

2)      You are responsible for your dog during the entire trip

3)      Walk your dog in the park near check in prior to the trip as four hours on the water can be a long time

4)      Your dog must be good with children, adults, and other dogs

We can’t wait to take you and your pup whale watching. In the meantime, we want to share all the puppy love through a pup dedicated Instagram and Tiktok: @wagsnwhales. Be sure to tag us on your next adventure. We look forward to having you soon! 

dogs onboard a yacht