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Reality Television on yacht ‘America’

As if sailing on the famous yacht ‘America’ and seeing some playful Gray Whales isn’t enough excitement in one day, guests on yacht ‘America’ on March 8 had the opportunity to witness and even participate in the filming of a segment of a reality TV show. For the producers and TV crew the weather could not have been better. For the guests on board it added another unique element to their special day.

Yacht 'America' polished and ready for guests to join a public, ticketed whale watching tour out of the Maritime Museum of San Diego docks.

Yacht ‘America’ shining all over in readiness to board guests for a whale watching sail in San Diego

The ‘America’ is a very beautiful and historical vessel on which to shoot television, whether it be tv advertising or live television. The yacht ‘America’ has appeared in a number of television shoots over the years.

Excited guests on famous yacht America are ready to sail, to see the marine life and to maybe participate in some small way in a reality television show being filmed today.

We are all going to have a fantastic day sailing to see the Gray whales as they migrate past San Diego


A fantastic day ahead as the television crew board the yacht and get under way.


The yacht America is a very stable and beautiful platform for all styles of television and media activity.

TV crew get aboard yacht America in San Diego


Yacht America is a great television vessel

Yacht ‘America’ with television crew on board heading out to see some whales and to film a segment for a reality show