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Private Charter Trips vs Shared Sailing & Whale Watching Tours

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Southern California is known for its gorgeous weather all year round. No matter the occasion, a day out on the water never disappoints! Lucky for San Diego locals and natives, Next Level Sailing provides two types of experiences: private charter trips and shared sailing/whale watching tours. We guarantee that there will always be a licensed captain to sail the sea, but these experiences differ greatly depending on your goals.

So, what’s the difference? How do you know what works best for you and your party? 

What Can You Expect During a Private Charter at Next Level Sailing 

As previously stated, a licensed captain will always be aboard to ensure the safety of all passengers while out at sea for private charter and shared sailing excursions. However, the difference between the two types of excursions is that private charters are exactly what they sound like…private! You can have the opportunity to come aboard Next Level Sailing’s yacht, named The Yacht America, for events that do not include anybody outside of your own personal party. You can book a personal sailing experience aboard The Yacht America for the following:

  1. Weddings
  2. Rehearsal Dinners
  3. Corporate Entertaining
  4. Private Dining
  5. Birthdays 
  6. Anniversaries
  7. Reunions
  8. Media Productions
  9. Cocktail Cruises
  10. Engagement Parties
  11. Bridal Showers

Group Whale Watching Tours 

As expected, the main difference between the private charter experience vs. group whale watching tours is that the private charters will only include your party on the boat, and the group whale watching tours will have multiple parties aboard for the trip. Our captains are so experienced with spotting whales that we guarantee you will have a sighting or we will offer another day trip free of charge until you do! Along with that, you will get to know other passengers on board that also share the same passion for witnessing these gorgeous sea creatures in their natural habitat.

Whale watching along the San Diego coastline is unique as it is located close to Baja, California, which makes it easy to witness the grey whale migration. Grey whales migrate from the Arctic to Baja from mid-December to April. They are very friendly and can often be spotted without going too far out into the deep sea. However, in the spring and summer months, you will have the opportunity to witness blue whales, the largest creature known to mankind. They are often spotted farther out in the deep sea.

How To Prepare For a Day of Boating 

Regardless of whether you are anticipating a private charter or shared whale watching experience, the preparation is often the same! Dress code will depend on whatever event you will be attending, but it’s important to keep the following in mind:

  1. Bring a camera or binoculars! Regardless of the occasion, you will want to bring your best gear to maximize your experience and capture these special moments.
  2. Sunscreen! If you’re going out during the day, the sun will be beating down on you, and nobody wants to deal with a sunburn.
  3. Sweater or sweatshirt! Especially if you’re going out towards the end of the day, the sea spray can be chilly.
  4. Dramamine! If you have an uneasy stomach, bringing dramamine will help with any sea sickness.

Choosing What Is Best For You 

Private charters provide the opportunity to celebrate special events without the distractions of any other parties on board. Shared sailing whale watching excursions allow you to witness the beauty of whales in their natural habitat while also meeting new people! Regardless of the situation, it’s important to make your decision based on what makes the most sense for you and your own party. Our team at Next Level Sailing is incredibly passionate about providing the best possible experience for every person that steps aboard The Yacht America. Whatever you decide, you can expect a safe and unforgettable day!