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Navigating the Waves of Celebration: Host a Corporate Holiday Party Aboard a Large Private Yacht in San Diego

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Like many companies, you may host a holiday party during December. However, the planning for these events can begin months in advance. It is no small feat to plan a party of this size, and you may have considered foregoing these events in the past. However, they are essential to your staff and business.

What Is the Purpose of a Corporate Holiday Party?

A holiday event is a great way to celebrate and thank your staff for their hard work each year. These parties also allow your senior executives to mingle with your team. You invite everyone, including interns, giving them chances to get to know others in the company that they may not interact with daily.

The non-work setting also puts people at ease, allowing them to open up with their coworkers, which benefits your company because your team can learn to work more effectively with one another when they know more about each other. You should also share milestones and recognize your staff during these events.

How To Plan a Holiday Party

You should follow several steps as you plan your company holiday party. First, you need to develop your party goals and budget. You also need to determine what type of event you hope to have. For example, do you want a simple party in your office, or do you want a unique event on a charter boat, in a nice restaurant, or an event space? Then, look for venues that fit your event type.

Choose a few dates that will work for your company before you contact the vendor. Set a date with the vendor and send your invites. Next, find a caterer and complete a taste test to determine the perfect menu and serving type, e.g., buffet or table service. You can also work with the vendor on decorations or provide your own. Don’t forget to spend time planning any presentations and awards.

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How Do You Make a Holiday Party Fun?

The last thing you want is a boring party that your staff does not enjoy, especially since it takes time, money, and planning. Therefore, consider planning some fun activities. First, determine if you want the staff, their spouses, and children to attend. Also, consider whether your guests will know each other well. Then, plan your activities.

You can try a White Elephant gift exchange if your staff is well-acquainted. You can play Christmas Carol Bingo or Pictionary. You can play Charades. Have your guests guess the items in a stocking that you pass around. You can do trivia, song guessing based on a few seconds of the melody, or Mad Libs.

If you want a physical activity:

  1. Consider a relay
  2. Ask your staff to bring a Christmas picture from when they were young and see if others can guess who is in the photos
  3. Don’t forget to plan prizes for the winners

Unique Holiday Party Ideas in San Diego

Do you want a unique corporate holiday party? This starts with a unique venue. San Diego weather tends to remain comfortable during winter, so consider an outdoor venue, such as the Zoo Safari Park or a charter yacht. You can also choose a unique restaurant. Consult with local art galleries or managers that allow you to lease private estates for the evening. Gardens, breweries, vineyards, museums, and resorts are also great options.

Consider the activities you plan to hold, the number of people, how much help you need, and the ambiance you hope to find.

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Cheers To a Successful Year

During your team holiday party, don’t forget to share your vision for the future. Encourage your staff to pursue personal and professional growth opportunities and show your support for everyone in attendance. Book a whale watching tour or your next corporate event with Next Level Sailing. Take the time necessary to create a memorable holiday event for your staff.