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National Dog Day 2023: How To Celebrate Your Furry Friend Today

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Most dog owners don’t need an excuse to spoil their furry family members. Nevertheless, having a reason to go overboard for your pup is still fun. National Dog Day falls on August 26th and provides the perfect opportunity to celebrate your loyal and beloved four-legged companions. If you’re looking for ideas to help you make the most of this happy occasion, you’re in luck. Here are some surprising and unique ways to make August 26th a day you and your pet will remember.

When Is National Dog Day?

National Dog Day is August 26th every year. This year, that date happens to fall on a Saturday. That’s great news for dog lovers who have the weekends off. They celebrate with their pets without waiting for their regular 9-5 shift to be over.

How To Celebrate Your Dog Today

If you’re like most dog owners, you probably give your pooch love and attention every day of the year. So, you may be wondering how to make the upcoming national dog holiday extra special. You can search online or in local social media groups for a dog-friendly activity in your area on or around August 26th. This could give you great ideas for dog-friendly upcoming events you didn’t know about before.

In addition to taking your pooch to special events, you can make the day extra special in other ways. Here are some more things you can do to celebrate your dog on this special day:

  • Bake them a special dog treat
  • Spend most of the day outdoors
  • Play frisbee or another favorite game with them
  • Take them to visit your parents, best friend, or other people who love them
  • Host a playdate with another furry friend

Don’t forget to spread awareness of the special occasion. You can do this by posting about the event on social media or talking about it with friends. Other dog owners can also relish the excuse to treat their rovers like royalty.

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Where Can You Bring Your Dog in San Diego?

Beyond taking your pup to the local dog park you’ve already been to hundreds of times, there are other places to take your furry loved one in San Diego. Ideas include:

  • Dog-friendly beaches
  • Hiking trails
  • Old Town San Diego State Historic Park
  • La Jolla Cove
  • Dog-friendly whale watching with Next Level Sailing

It’s the last item on the list that surprises many dog owners. Most people don’t think of a sailboat when considering San Diego dog-friendly places. But many dogs love to go whale watching with their humans. The experience will indeed become a treasured memory for four-legged and two-legged creatures.

A Checklist for Bringing Your Dog on a Boat

Before bringing your dog on a boat, ensure you’re prepared to have the most enjoyable experience possible. Here’s a checklist of what you should bring to help your sailing excursion proceed without a hitch:


To keep your dog safe, bring:

  • A harness and leash
  • A doggie life jacket
  • A dog-friendly first-aid kid
  • A microchip or pet ID tag


Your dog will probably get hungry during your excursion. Make sure you have:

  • Non-slip bowls
  • Food and water
  • Treats


To help your pooch rest, bring:

  • Towel or doggie bed
  • A comforting toy


For the sake of your dog and other guests, bring:

  • Poop bags
  • Potty pads or astroturf

When you’re prepared with the above items, you and your pup can enjoy your excursion without stress.

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Dogs Set Sail

Are you ready to help your dog set sail in one of the most dog-friendly places in San Diego? Next Level Sailing invites you to book a whale-watching experience. This fun and adventurous activity will entertain you and your dog for hours.