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Insurance Exec’s enjoy fine dining with Dennis Conner in the luxury salon on yacht ‘America’

While the majority of the ‘America’ dining events are on deck in a casual format and relaxed atmosphere, last Friday 13th saw 17 VIP guests enjoy the finer dining environment of the yacht “Olde Worlde” salon. With Dennis Conner as their special guest and Dennis Conner’s America’s Cup trophy for photographic opportunities, these folks shared the intimate atmosphere of the yacht salon, enjoyed great food and wine, listened to all of Dennis’s stories and left with a very unique experience now checked from their ‘bucket list’. Staying at the Hotel Del Coronado meant the ‘America’ would meet these folks at the very convenient Glorietta Bay dock adjacent to the Hotel Del. However ‘mother nature’ had other plans for us this evening with rain throughout the day and particularly strong winds in the afternoon that prompted us to cancel any docking maneuvers in the tight Glorietta Bay location. Luck was on everybody’s side however, and with guests arriving at our ‘Maritime Museum’ location the blue sky appeared, the winds abated some and guests cruised the bay in this big black yacht in their cozy salon dining room.  


Dennis Conner in fine dining salon of yacht 'America'