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Guide to San Diego Whale Watching In the Fall 

Throughout the summer and fall months, marvelous species such as blue whales, gray whales and dolphins migrate in pods down San Diego’s coastline. Fall whale watching in San Diego is an excellent weekend activity for you and your friends or family if you are seeking the adventure of a lifetime. There is an abundance of sea life to be spotted as you glide through the San Diego Bay on our pristine yacht, The America. If you are trying to decide where to whale watch in the Fall, look no further than Next Level Sailing. 

During the fall whale watching season you will not be disappointed by the majestic wildlife present throughout your trip. The blue whale is especially likely to be spotted as it migrates back to the cool Northern waters from its tropical southern breeding grounds. These pods of blue whales travel thousands of miles during this period and luckily pass right along the San Diego coastline. This gentle giant reaches lengths of 100 feet and weighs up to 300,000 pounds, and is most likely to be recognized as it breaches the waters of the San Diego Bay. Aboard our luxurious cruise ship or book a private tour to see these marine animals up close, creating moments that will last forever. 

Next Level Sailing offers whale watching trips daily lasting between 3-4 hours so you have plenty of time to take in the beauty and scenic surroundings of the San Diego coast. The America will take you smoothly towards the deep waters of the Pacific Ocean so you will have an intimate experience out at sea. As you leave the bay not only is the crystal clear coastline an awe striking sight other significant monuments and historic landmarks to the city of San Diego are able to be viewed by passengers.All of our trips leave from 2050 Shelter Island Drive in San Diego. Our staff is made up of experienced and professional crew members who are there to take care of you and to ensure you have the best whale watching trip possible. Unlike other whale watching tours in the area, we also offer a “no sickness” guarantee aboard the  Yacht America. 

Other than the blue whale, other wildlife to be spotted during the fall months are finback whales, which are the world’s second largest whale, humpback whales, dolphins and sea lions. Our crew members specialize in keeping an eye out for spouts and fins of these amazing creatures so that guests are not apt to miss any possible sightings. To help you identify some of these animals it is a great idea to pack a pair of binoculars to help look for whales on the horizon.. You should also pack a camera to bring along on your whale watching tour so that you can capture the stunning ocean views and fond memories between you and your family. If your camera has a zoom lens you will be able to capture close up shots of these distant whales as they breach the water’s surface. During the fall months, Next Level Sailing suggests you bring a light jacket or sweater aboard as the temperature cools when you head out to sea. But, don’t leave behind the sunscreen, hats and sunglasses to combat the glare from the sparkling sea or any harsh sunlight. 

Our staff and crew members are looking forward to showing you the wonders of the Pacific ocean as you embark on this journey of a lifetime, this Fall.