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Guide To Hosting Your Engagement Party or Wedding on a Private Charter

a large ship in a body of water

Consider chartering a yacht if you want an exclusive, unique venue for your wedding or engagement party. Not only can you have your entire event in one location, but you will have the most incredible views for those event photos. This is what you should know about a private yacht charter for wedding and engagement parties.

How Much Does it Cost?

Charter costs are typically affordable; most companies have packages that suit your budget. In addition, they tend to be all-inclusive, so you don’t have to hire a DJ or caterer, rent chairs or flatware or purchase a cake. You may not have to find an officiant because most captains are licensed. Your bartenders, waitstaff, and other service staff are also provided in the package.

However, ask about hidden fees, such as fuel, gratuities, taxes, docking, and permitting or port fees.

How Many Guests Can You Invite?

Weddings and engagement parties on boats tend to be smaller. Some charters only hold 70 people, including the staff. Therefore, these boats are typically for smaller weddings. You can lease a mega yacht for larger events, but the cost is significantly higher. Check with the charter company before you complete your guest list or charter your boat.

a person standing next to a body of water

What Is Included in the Package?

Most wedding and engagement party packages include spacious decks, hosted bars, seating, hors d’oeuvres, champagne toasts, coffee and tea service, a wedding cake, and custom menus. You may find charters that also offer live music or a DJ. Lighting, sound, and décor are typically provided as well.

Tips for Planning a Private Charter Wedding or Engagement Party

As you plan your boat wedding or engagement party, ask about accessibility and any contingency plans for bad weather. Tour the boat with your photographer to find the ideal photo locations. Discuss seasickness with the charter company and ask for their suggestions for addressing or preventing it.

You may consider holding or attending an event on the boat before your wedding to see what you may be missing or how the event should go. Also, ask whether changing areas are available for the wedding party. Discuss your rehearsal and setup. Ask how long you have the boat and what you are expected to bring or take with you.

You should know whether your event is a docked party or if the boat will pull out to sea. Ask about children and animals as well. Discuss typical venue issues, such as setup, heating and air conditioning, cell service, guests who need to leave, parking, accommodations, gratuity, and safety issues.

a person standing in front of a body of water

Why You Should Host Your Wedding or Engagement Party on a Private Charter

Cost savings are the most significant advantage of hosting your wedding or engagement party on a charter. Not only are you only leasing one venue, but the packages include nearly everything you need for your wedding. This also takes a lot of the planning stress off you. For example, you may only need to hire your photographer and videographer.

You can also choose the view for your wedding. You may want to marry on the open water or at a beautiful shoreside. You can also choose the best time of the day for photos. You may marry at sea in Southern California while the gray whales migrate. You also have added privacy and a more intimate, relaxed atmosphere.

If you want an engagement party or wedding surrounded by the sea, consider planning your event on a charter boat. You may be surprised by the affordability, professionalism, and attention to detail you experience.