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Experience the Best of San Diego Summers: Must-See Places and Chartering Experiences

a group of people on a rock near the ocean

Summer vacations are the best time to escape the grind of everyday life and bond with friends and loved ones. Instead of visiting an expensive theme park only to wait in line for most of your trip, consider taking a trip to scenic and activity-packed San Diego. San Diego has plenty of unforgettable attractions, from a real-life aircraft carrier museum to the chance to sail on a chartered yacht. Here is your complete guide to planning a summer trip to San Diego. 

San Diego in the Summer

San Diego is an impressive travel destination year-round, and summer brings some unique planning considerations. Weather conditions, typical crowd levels, and seasonal wildlife can all impact what to do in the summer.


Since San Diego is on the water, the constant sea winds keep it from getting scorching hot, even in the summer months. The average high temperature in July and August is 77 degrees Fahrenheit. The harbor of San Diego is sheltered and temperate, allowing for pleasant sailing winds all year.


San Diego summer crowds tend to be larger than fall and winter crowds. However, San Diego has so many activities that it’s easy to avoid the most tourist-heavy places. Look for alternative parks, restaurants, beaches, and museums during peak hours on weekends. 


The San Diego Zoo has an impressive array of animals, but one of the best parts of a San Diego vacation is seeing wildlife in its natural habitat. Blue whales, the largest animals on earth, pass through the San Diego waters each summer. Dolphins, pelicans, and seals are also out and about in the summer.

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What To Pack

Be well-prepared for a summer trip to San Diego by packing all of the essentials:

  • Sun protection, including sunscreen and sun hats
  • Sunglasses with UV protection
  • Bathing suit
  • Light jacket for evening
  • Sturdy light backpack

The San Diego UV index goes off the charts in summer, so pack and use more sun protection than you think you’ll need.

Must-See Places

A few must-see San Diego locations should be on your summer itinerary. 

USS Midway Museum

The USS Midway is an aircraft carrier in service for over 40 years. Though it missed World War II, this impressive craft was instrumental in many Cold War operations. Children and adults alike can marvel at the ship’s inner workings and learn more about US military history on the decks of the Midway.

Sunset Cliffs

The natural beauty of sunset cliffs is good for more than just photos. This massive park is a great place to carve out your San Diego memories away from summer crowds and relax at the end of a packed day.

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Sailing in San Diego

To truly experience the beauty of a summer in San Diego, you must leave the shore. It’s easier than you may think to book a San Diego charter ship with an entire crew of experienced sailors.

Chartering a boat is an excellent family getaway with relaxation and ocean views. You can also charter an exciting cocktail cruise with drink service. Bachelorette parties, corporate retreats, family reunions, engagement parties, or any occasion can occur on the high seas with an easy one-step yacht charter.

A Summer Dream

The best vacations feature a mix of popular attractions and time to connect with loved ones off the beaten path. Don’t plan a San Diego trip so jam-packed with activities that you can’t stop to experience the city’s natural beauty. Enjoy a private boat ride with your loved ones to cap off the perfect summer vacation.