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San Diego Whale Watching: December 18, 2018

What a great start to whale watching season! The Next Level Sailing crew spotted two southbound humpback whales today. They were migrating at a speed of 4 knots. The water was so clear that passengers could watch the whales as they dove under water. Their white flippers (known as pectoral fins) were especially noticeable through the clear blue ocean. We saw that one whale was much smaller, possibly a juvenile. Both whales dove, and we were able to catch the tail end of the dive!


Two humpback whales were spotted during Next Level Sailing’s San Diego Whale Watching Experience


Tail end of a humpback whale dive

After sailing alongside these magnificent creatures, we turned to sail home in San Diego. Come back soon, humpback whales!

Goodbye Humpback Whale!

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