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Corporate Whale Watching at its best!

On Saturday, January 17 the yacht America plus 60 Ft Catamarans Aolani & Adventuress entertained 134 international guests for a very majestic whale watch and sunset sail experience. The letter received from our meeting planner client at 11:40 pm that same evening, was filled with excitement at the incredible response she had received from her guests.

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This was an incredible late afternoon adventure for this German company and their guests. Arriving from the beautiful Omni La Costa Resort & Spa at 3:00 pm, the guests boarded the 3 large yachts for a quick departure to the ocean. The Gray Whales are migrating and the yachts didn’t have to go too far past the bay entrance to encounter their first whales. With only 1 hour available for the whales once the yachts reached the ocean, the intention was to stay with them until sunset and then return home to downtown San Diego under the lights of the city.  It was magical and the most perfect timing. A group of 8 whales entertained all 3 vessels, the sun set in a magnificent display of golden color and the yachts motored down the bay into the beautiful city lights. Whether this had been a winter gray Whale experience or our amazing summer Blue Whale excursion, the ‘end of day’ atmosphere is truely unbeatable.

For corporate groups looking for some additional ‘wow’ factor, this is truely a special experience. While our ‘America’ can accommodate 76 guests, the inclusion of other larger vessels allows us to coordinate much larger groups to the ocean for this spectacle.

Let Next Level Sailing and the yacht ‘America’ entertain your next group.