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Catalina Island In The Summer

a rocky shore next to a body of water

Clear ocean waters, palm trees, hibiscus flowers. Catalina, located amidst California’s Channel Islands, is the perfect getaway for this summer. Only a short ferry ride away, this small, laid back island provides everything you would look for in a tropical vacation, without having to necessarily hop on a plane for California locals! Prepare to relax and be charmed by what this quaint town has to offer. 

Catalina’s Weather During The Summer 

For those that have never visited, Catalina is relatively small, measuring approximately 22 miles long and 8 miles wide. The island itself is split up into two towns-Avalon on the east end and Two Harbors on the west end-and is surrounded by lush forestry. Immediately upon arrival, the relaxed vibes associated with island living are palpable. The sea is clear and full, the shops are colorful, each home is unique to its neighbor and the main street is made of cobblestone. It’s easy to forget that the island is located in California! The weather in the summer is subtropical, often ranging from high 60s to low 80s, with high humidity. These moderate to high temps make it the perfect weather to cool off and jump in the clear, clean ocean, which is usually around 70 degrees!

How Many Days Do You Need On Catalina Island 

To put it simply, Catalina is known for being the perfect weekend getaway. At minimum, three days and two nights are recommended in order to get the full experience! Since the island is split up into two towns, it makes the most sense to spend one full day in Avalon and one full day in Two Harbors. 

Comparatively, Avalon is much larger than Two Harbors and in turn, attracts more tourists. Avalon is composed of a ton of hotels, bars, shops, restaurants, extracurricular activities and even a new day club! The day club, Descanso Beach, is perfect for getting the ultimate vacation experience with chaise chairs/cabanas to be rented out and attentive service. 

On the flip side, Two Harbors offers a much more rustic experience. The town is extremely small and made up of only one bar, one restaurant, general store and Lodge. Two Harbors overlooks the Pacific Ocean and is the perfect location to go camping! The campsites also include showers, toilets, fresh water, BBQs, fire pits and picnic tables for the ultimate experience.

Things To Do on Catalina Island In the Summer 

Although the island is small, a weekend in Catalina during the summer will leave anyone feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. The two towns that make up Catalina- Avalon and Two Harbors- definitely attract different crowds. Two Harbors is perfect for those looking for a nature-filled weekend, complete with camping, hiking and water activities (i.e. kayaking or paddle boarding). Avalon is perfect for those looking for more of a classic vacation vibe. There are shops to rent out gear for water activities, zip lining and even parasailing! The day club, Descanso Beach, is perfect for those that just want to relax. It’s also recommended to rent out beach cruisers to get a lay of the land! In addition to being a vacation spot, Catalina is also home to many, with an outdoor park and school for grades K-12.