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C-Suite Cruising: Hosting Executive Meetings and Corporate Conferences on a Private Charter

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You may use corporate events to celebrate key achievements, honor employees or hold company meetings or conferences. However, you may want to forego the traditional picnic or meeting hall for a truly memorable meeting. More and more companies have chosen to see these meetings and conferences as an investment. These are some hosting ideas you may consider.

How To Plan a Fun Corporate Event

Your first step in planning a meeting may include brainstorming corporate event ideas. However, you should start clearly understanding the event’s purpose. You also need to define your target audience. Who will attend, and what do you hope to accomplish? You should also set a clear budget.

Many events have themes, so determine if you want to adopt one. Also, set your date and a timeline for accomplishing the project. Then, start on your guest list. You can survey your guests about the events they enjoy and what they expect from your meeting. Build a project plan and tracking system.

Now, you can start searching for venues, caterers, and activities. Ask about available branding opportunities, furniture, such as chairs and tables, and technology, including sound systems, computers, etc. Choose your location carefully based on your guest list and activities. Arrange a variety of foods and beverages.

Secure gifts, prizes, certificates, souvenirs, and anything else you plan to give. Don’t forget the cameras so you can record the event. After your event, consider a follow-up feedback survey.

Unique Venues

You have probably attended company events in conference centers, at the office, outside the building, or at some other corporate event venue. However, consider finding a unique venue to set your party apart from the crowd. For example, you could hold your event in a museum, art gallery, local farm, botanical garden, theater, historical location, warehouse, or on a luxurious sailboat. You may even meet at a retreat or hotel with indoor and outdoor spaces. Search for easily accessible locations in your target area. Ensure they have the space to hold everyone on your guest list. They should provide furniture and technology or the space and infrastructure to bring your own. Some venues have event planners, caterers, and other staff; others do not so ask what each venue provides. Find out who will be on staff to help on the event day.

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What To Expect

As you continue your planning, you should expect to conduct significant research to find the best location and create a memorable event. Many charter companies have on-staff event planners. They can set up appetizers or dinners, and they often provide entertainment. You can schedule your event around a specific tour, such as a whale-watching tour.

These companies also offer an entire staff to ensure your guests have what they need when needed. You choose the event times and can negotiate the route your captain takes the boat. Many also have flexible indoor and outdoor spaces, and these events are entirely private. Some are even like floating five-star hotels where everything you need is at your fingertips.

Out of the Office and Into the Ocean

Carefully read over all your contracts to ensure the dates are correct. Also, check that the venue and caterer have the head count right. Review the contracts and make sure they detail everything each vendor will provide. Go over the technology and furniture setups.

If your company is near the ocean, consider chartering a yacht as you research corporate event venues near me. You can create a unique and memorable event