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Blue Whales everywhere off San Diego

It is pretty amazing this Blue Whale season we are having! People are sending me video from almost every trip we do. There is currently no shortage of these beautiful creatures gathered off San Diego right now. The America is going out at 3:00 pm, sailing to the regular area, seeing lots od dolphins to compliment the whales, and then sailing in on a great breeze with the sun setting to the West. We can only motor at 8 knots, so these awesome afternoons with the breeze pushing us along at 12 knots plus all the time is so entertaining. The laughing from the kids each time we see a spout, and the cheering any time we see that mighty tail break surface before a dive….is reward for any crew member. Thank you to Joshua Edwards who sent 6 or 7 clips from his trip last Friday, August 26. Josh said they had an amazing time. Here are a couple more clips for you including one from Josh:

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