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Audience Flips to Catamaran Flip

America’s Cup enthusiasts around the world got a great glimpse on Monday of the sort of action that the new AC45 catamarans and the America’s Cup World Series will soon deliver.

AC45's high speed cross on San Francisco Bay just prior to one flipping


Oracle Racing on San Francisco Bay as seen from spectator yacht 'America' on June 16


While training on San Francisco bay Oracle Racing CEO Russell Coutts became yet another victim of the ‘learning curve’ required for these awesome new boats. A big flip seen around the world. Luckily nobody was hurt and the same yacht was back on the bay practicing again the very next day. Just some minor damage, a quick fix and back at it.

So much press about this turnover has fueled new interest by spectators, now more keen than ever to see how this new format works out. If this is the excitement generated by the 45’s I can’t wait to see audience reaction when the AC72′ appear.

See it here:

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