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Amazing Corporate Dinner Sails on Yacht America

The last 2 weeks has seen some amazing sailing & dining events on our beautiful yacht America. Just last night we took the yacht to the San Diego Marriott Marina for a group of 70 guests ready to relax following a busy convention day. The forecast had called for patchy rain all day, and that it did, dropping that last little shower on us just prior to boarding time. The thing is, when the weatherman mentions rain there is usually an attrition rate of at least 20%….particularly if you’re an invited guest and not paying the bill. Well……..what a lovely surprise to see 81 guests board the yacht America, an increase of 15% by comparison to that expected. Off they went for 3+ hours of cold drinks, hot dinner, breaking skies and a sunset in store.  You can see in this shot taht the deck is still wet from the last shower of the day, but the food is hot, dry and ready for the taking. The crew of Culinary Concepts did an amazing job in getting this awesome food out of the rain then back on display in a matter of 5 minutes. Check them out on twitter @culinaryconcept

Dinner ready on yacht America for guests boarding at Marriott Marina

Although not customary at this time of year we had a similar situation last Sunday. My client from Ontario, CA alerted me days earlier to the forecast of showers and scattered thunderstorms for their Sunday afternoon cocktail sail. I was shocked to hear that as I sat at my desk looking at magnificent blue skies just 3 days out. Honestly……I never check the weather in advance of a charter. This is san Diego and even though Mother Nature is a little messed up these days, you can depend on the weather here being beautiful most of the time. It is certainly beautiful by comparison to where some of our guests are visiting from. SO…..I did my best to assure my client that we had a lovely canopy for the yacht if it came to that, but ultimately a little faith in my own weather judgement was requested at this stage. I wasn’t disappointed, and the client and guests were certainly not disappointed by an afternoon that opened up into brilliant blue skies and puffy white clouds for what was a spectacular late afternoon sail with cocktails, nice hors d’oeuvres, a brilliant sunset and the up-close city lights to end their experience.


Doesn’t look like anybody is going to have a good time….does it? Well….there is a bar to compliment some pretty great food from Urban Kitchen Catering. Check them out on twitter @cucinaurbana

Relaxing with a drink on yacht America in San Diego

I did mention a bar….didn’t I? You know that saying “Location, Location, Location’? Well…we have ‘Atmosphere, Atmosphere, Atmosphere’!

The bar on yacht America San Diego

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