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Additional COVID-19 Safety Measures We Are Taking   

At Next Level Sailing, we are overjoyed to be able to keep our doors open and welcome you on a whale watching trip during the pandemic. While we understand the hesitation that comes with being in social situations during this time, rest assured that we are taking the necessary precautions to keep our guests safe and comfortable. Read below for more information on our preventative measures.

Contactless check in. Upon arrival, you only need to provide your name and email for check-in to avoid close interactions. 

Limited capacity. During both the week and weekends, we will be operating at 25% capacity. Each group will have a designated area during their entire trip. To further put your mind at ease, our yacht is one of the largest you will find at 141 feet long. You will have ample amount of space during your trip.

Social distancing. Due to our large amount of space and limited capacity, every passenger can feel comfortable being socially distanced from one another.

Dog house cleanliness. We have four wooden dog houses available on our 25 foot wide deck that are cleaned regularly. Each reservation will be assigned to a side of a dog house, with 6 feet apart each one. 

Restrooms. The restrooms will be cleaned after each use.

Guides & Crew. Each guide and crew member will be wearing masks during the entire voyage. When working directly with passengers, they will always be wearing gloves. 

Sanitization. Throughout the voyage, hand sanitizer will be available for all travelers and staff. In addition, our high traffic areas onboard will be sanitized regularly.

Drinks & Snacks. To avoid contact with multiple people, all food and drink items will be provided directly to our customers. As well, our seating area will be outside in an open area with only the only enclosed space being the restroom.